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Mavado - Chat Too Much

Gangster for life

Gangsters ayyyy informers perpetrate us .ayyyy.
Spy and instigate us.anyway

Dem want fi kno the reason Why marrow paste pon the ceiling inna middle evening

Some Bwoy just chat, chat, chat toomuch
Tek dem mouth and tek off gyal frock too much
Then dem come ah road, come ah act suh much.
Like thugs. dem go back too much

Dem chat, chat, chat too much,
Tek dem mouth and tek off gyal frock toomuch
Send dem come ah road, and ah act suh much...
Like thugs. Dem go back too much

[Verse 1:]
Bout which peace?
Over Cassava
Yuh wan run out di place like hasavva
LAST NIGHT, Mi yuh ah chap afta?
Yuh body. yuh likkle dutty head (CHAP OFF DAT)
Inna bad man place (Informer waan mock afta Fi guh
Sell out di thugs and mock offah)
And when yuh wan police next chop offah
We neva get a visa when dem buss shot afta
AY- Now Mi get paranoid
A to the K wid the mack pon mi side
Inna unknown ride
Di war the allied dem end inna suicide
True dem


AY- We nuh pet, we neva set
How mi evil when mi step ah weh di devil reject
AY- Yes I right, Me neva left
Guns chock under clothes, Yes Smith & Wess
Someah call mi name like pitch and retch
Like ah me mek dem gyal hole big and stretch
But di gun weh mi fire tear skin and flesh
One squeeze pon the trigger stop wind and breath
Seh gwan prey for me fam when mi sing and get
Ah neva gun ah middleschool and get

Ah mi go inna deh studio guh sing and sweat
Ah mi did guh work and tings dem work out for me


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