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Max B - Baby Baby

She told me "I just wanna be your lady, lady
You own the key to my heart and soul, oh
It's just your spirit drives my crazy, crazy
You're the only bitch in my life, you're my baby baby
Baby, baby

[Verse 1:]
I'm looked at him dead in his eye, made him tell me what it cost
The vision is clear, gimme Perillis on the Porsche
Never seen a nigga so mean
Come home and get it rockin' for niggaz just reppin' the streets
My crew will get it poppin' (ow-ow)
My bitches, they treat me like a king
I like to keep 'em on balance like they was there to swing
"Well what's ya name"
I'm the million dollar king
Spent a fair been in my life in and out the clink
But um, now I'm back on my grind paper-chasing
M.O.B. did it in stores, all the niggaz waiting
I told her she good up in the hood
You better to gettin' bitch while it's good


[Verse 2:]
Gave her the benefit of doubt
Tried to get out, tried to spit it in her mouth
Leaned back, took me a puff, sitting on the chest
Called her a B, she said "Biggaveli, you's a mess"
She ain't never worried about a nigga gettin' weak
She hit the bleep, me and chinchilla in the jeep
Ridin' low, hat to the back, finger in her ear
Sippin' slow, Yak in the Ac', thinkin' I'm in here
Yeah, just call up a night for Biggavel'
More clientele, more bubbly and bigger tele's
Told his baby-moms I'm stressing for what they did to Blaze
Got my baby darling peressing, we puffing on some haze
She don't smoke, but she took a hit
Took a flick, pulled up her dress., then she took again
Yeah, my bitches, I learned a lot of wrong
Get 'em stoned, get 'em home, and make 'em give me dome


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