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Mc Chris - IG-88's '57 Chevy

I'm a GO-bot that's gone nuts it's kinda scary
Jobs a cover I'm really a revolutionary
Bounty hunter gunner don't bleed white blood
See me at the pit cause your gonna get fucked up
2-1B homie you can't afford this
Magna guard with a little rigamortis
No tow cable no cloaking device
Just reliable recovery for a reasonable price
I got four copies you can call em clones
Look how we shine you can call it chrome
Import AI one mind to four chassis
If they decline it's kinda crazy if you ask me
Take a back seat in my Chevrolet
Let me tell you bout my plan to make a better day
Let me tell you who I am and how I paved the way
Made it cool for H.A.L. to say, "I can't help you Dave"

[Chorus: x4]
Why you gotta player hate on ig-80-80-8
Why you gotta player hate on ig-88

Go back to Galactica, you protocol puke
Your like a slave I'm gettin' paid so pass me the loot, w00t
I'm not impressed with your inquisitive quest
Leave you astro make a gastrointestinal mess
I'm the best of the west go check the pulse cannon
Born 15 years before the battle of Yavin
I'm a big boy got big boy guns
I prefer disintegrate fuck shit on stun
So hard core I'm like a droid darfur
Slice your head right off like you're a red R4
You work on star tours tell me you aren't bored
Time to get on board the great droid war
Make a few factories, implant my mind
In every single droid comin' down that line
Waitin for the day order finally comes
Eradicate all biological scum

[Chorus x4]

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