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Mc Chris - Tarantino

[Intro/Chorus: mc chris]
QT motherfucker, late fees motherfucker
I'm droppin n-bombs like what motherfucker
Transform motherfucker, you've been warned motherfucker
Bitch slap from my Kangol cap motherfucker

[Mc chris:]
63 Tennessee, though the marriage was through
Lil' dude called Q born to Connie McHugh
Little mick, little wop, and a little Cherokee
And a little African-American apparently
Brother got soul~! And momma got a bounce
Sunny Cal for the gal and the boy with the brow
Daddy two was a dude wasn't quite what we liked
I was glued to the tube cause real life wasn't right
So we moved - nomadic in a panic
I was bruised - hyperactive and erratic
Hated school - a dirt bag with nerd facts
Dropped out - ripped tickets at a jerk shack
I escaped - Manhattan Beach where they rent tapes
Pontificate new wave and it's french babes
Extrapolate all day cause I got raves
Talk shop non-stop while I got paid
Wrote a script about Mallory and Mickey
Story's kinda gory, some said sorta sickening
Wrote a rom com 'bout a Elvis quotin creature
Fall in love at a Sonny Chiba triple feature
Stole a hooker from a pimp, stole coke from The Sopranos
Then he sold it to Joel Silver before everything goes blammo
One script in the stack in which I wanted to act
Fuck rejections by readers in one year they'll retract

[Chorus x2]

[Mc chris:]
Liked to act, honed my craft, on the side, when I could
Saved my pennies, started dreamin, started schemin, Hollywood
Got excited 'bout my writing in two years I wrote three scripts!
No one bought 'em it was rotten and I almost lost my shit
Can't deny it I decided time to get off the pot
I could shoot it myself, give it all that I got
I could direct star and edit and fetch a bag of F stops
Don't need a corporate clown holdin me down in a headlock
So I went to a party wearing my finest tiger prints
Ready to schmooze and get vagina on my dick
Then I met my defender by the name of Lawrence Bender
And he said you got some moxie you obnoxious pretender
Read my script and loved it, said it needs a budget
He dropped it and shopped it to courtly curmudgeons
A briefcase of cash that glowed was bestowed
Some say that it's gold but I know it's a soul

[Chorus x2]

[Mc chris:]
Eddie was a Betty like to talk like a bitch
Mr. White was the type who's too nice for his niche
Mr. Pink was a hater, who wouldn't tip waiters
Mr. Brown was gunned down but he savored the flavor
Mr. Blue was a con so his humor was minimal
Mr. Orange was the sort who never consorted with criminals
Mr. Blonde was a vega so his brother was Vince
Everyone head to the rendevouz daddy's gonna be pissed

[Chorus x2]

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