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Mc Chris - The Tussin (Robotussin)

Way back
college boy asked to a highschool dance,
couldn't wait,
but my date was in my friend's pants.
Didn't know what to do,
MC feelin' blue,
till my best friend said
that the red would get me through.
What's there to do with my crew?
Adults only box.
In my second hand suit, bow tie, I'm a fox,
in the car on the street,
miles from the suite,
got a sheet at my crib,
that I would like to eat.

Room starts to turn like cheese,
my tummy starts to churn like grease,
on my knees like a rugburn beast,
like an intern tease with the yeast (infection)
I'm out on the town,
feel like I've got the flu.
I think I'm gonna throw
I think this night is through.
Ding dong, date's arrived and her dress is ripped
She don't know I'm on a Robitussin trip!
In the car two girls go and stack their asses,
I demand from my date her sunglasses.
Do a drop roll of the carline axel,
I need an angel.
I need some fuckin' Advil!
I got a buzz bigger than a beehive!
Cough up my cookies,
let loose what's on the inside.

The tussin, the tussin!
Give me the tussin,
Robocop couldn't stop me from pukin' and flushin'
No balls to be bustin,
No fightin', no cussin'
It's love for a drug called Robotussin!

Way back,
college boy lives on 11th floor,
head out my window, don't know what I'm livin for
Knock on my door, what's the store?
It's my buddy Rox,
with the rabbit ear pockets,
and he's out of luck.
Came from a 44 party,
and to my door he came crusin'
All he's got is snot, and a box full of Luden's.
Tell him about the Tussin,
hatin' ho-hussin,
interrupting discussions about
Reaganomic reprocussions...

FUCK EM! We're fuckin' chug-a-luggin'
supersonic lovin, I'm tripping or something.
My code or button, keep it down like a dungeon,
you can call me the cough medicine curmudgeon.
Frankly, the feeling's fucking fantastic,
I'm tripping like Jesus,
in the desert when he fasted,
like it's the night before we all get drafted,
like we're rowing through some rapids
with Kevin Bacon white water rafting.
(Like you're in Epcott Center on Acid?)


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