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Mc Eiht - We Come Strapped

We in the muthafuckin house
Eihthype in the muthafuckin house
C.M.W. back in this muthafucka
Geah, the Most Wanted muthafuckas in Compton, y'know I'm sayin?
And can't nobody can compare
So niggas beware cause Eihthype's runnin' this bitch

Run muthafuckas run
I got the muthafuckin gun and I'm ready to blast on your mark-ass
We shoot first then take names later
No one can fade a crooked ass scheming alligator
No one can stop us cause we quick to catch the fever of the flavor
Punk fool nuthin can save you
You crossed the line boy you slipped
Nuthin' to lose, shootin at your friend as I'm poppin' in another clip
You try to scream but it don't do no good
Too many killin niggas from my hood, fool uh
Too many drive-by's no one can point or pull the trigger
Too many muthafuckin loc'ed ass young niggas
We bail deep and it's an everyday thang, them fifth's
We slang a game of mutherfuckin Compton gang
I gots to peel your fuckin cap, nigga
We come strapped

One more hit on your hood muthafucka ain't no bullshittin'
Better scatter that ass over the fence before the 9 start spittin
And gather up your fuckin kids
1-8-7's for my homies who got stuck with lifetime bids
I'll cap that ass up in the car
When your rollin the streets the gats get blasted by N.O.T.R.
Don't try to hang with the fire power it's a slaughter
We bust caps on your awake at the funeral parlour
You get the short end of the stick
Rollin with a click and the way we role, muthafucka it's thick
And my brain is sayin' kill so nigga you're stuck
I like the sound of the 'K when it start to buck
Ain't no damn playin', ain't no rhyme sayin'
One more point for the hood when my gat start sprayin'
We gots to peel your fuckin cap, geah
We come strapped

Night time hits the fuckin streets
Loadin up the clips and we ready to kill rollin the gangsta beats
One time try to run a make on my plates
Routine jack but jack is too fuckin late
Put the strap up in my lap
Hopin these muthafuckas don't trip, Slip pass me the extra clip
I hit the mutherfuckin volume up on the dash
So no tittle-tattle can hear the muthafuckin blast
I give him one to the dome
As the cop start to drop I'm sayin to myself damn it's on
I guess the blunt made me do it
Knew the other times would be comin so I grabbed the strap and threw it
Hit the corner fast, hit the fuckin gas
Be on the lookout cause they coming to tap my ass
We gots to peel they fuckin cap
That's the way we get'em muthafucka cause you know
We come strapped

In the muthafuckin house
Eihthype in the muthafuckin house nigga
So stay the fuck back
Niggas On The Run in the muthafuckin house
Lil' Hawk & Bird in the muthafuckin house

Geah, we in the muthafuckin house
Stay the fuck down clown
Cause ain't no love ho
In the 94
Eihthype, Half Ounce in this bitch
C.M.W. in this bitch

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