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Mc Lars Horris - Make Way For Ducklings

Hes a No Exit "G" in the place to be,
he goes to Stanford University.
And since Kindergarten he acquired knowledge,
and after twelve grade he went straight to college.

Well Toms a pop culture primate with the IQ of a fetus,
social IQ twenty-five; you know that I mean this.
Between his DVDs clogged arteries and MP3s,
hes got this antisocial mental brain disease.
And I want to break him out, want to show him the world.
Want to get him blazed, want to get him a girl.
Want to take him camping down in Ventana.
Want to enlighten him, like the Dalai Llama.
Hed otherwise never known the beauty to be seen
beyond his flat-panel PC LCD screen.
But would he care if I took him by the hand,
planned on a trip to Brain-Expansion Land?
I dont mean to be a pushy REI creep,
but youll thank me when youre chilling six feet deep
and the worms crawl in and the worms crawl out
and the worms play PS2 on your snout.
No doubt, what Im about is helping you,
to lively up yourself like Marley would do,
And were picking up more people as we go,
introverted sad humans, no internal glow.
Weve got to keep driving, cars out of our way!
Ive got nascent cargo here on lifes highway.
As precious as small birds straight out the shell,
check the chorus, the metaphor explains itself well.

Make way for ducklings,
make way for these introverted ducklings.
Make way for ducklings;
soon theyll be existentialist heroes.

Okay quiz time now that our trip is done,
you all grew socially, learned and had fun. Question one,
Youre in class with a hottie named Sue,
and one day she walks in and sits next to you.
Her shirt says the Sopranos, and you dig that show,
there might be a connection between you two, so,
do you (A) say, Hey, I like your shirt,
(B) look away, outside at the dirt,
(C) send her an e-mail, later that day, with a link to a fan site you think is okay, or
(D) make a joke about HBOs
popular, uncensored mafia shows,
and catch Sues attention with your cultured wit,
working it like Matt Groening works it.
Well the answer is (D), obviously,
negative points if you said (B) or (C).
Next question, Lets say youre a dad with two small kids,
and youre chilling on vacation like your own family did.
And you go to Boston, because its fun,
and you go to the park and walk or run.
And then you see some birds, walking past,
not too slow or not too fast.
Do you (A) say, Kids! Check it out,
these birds are mobile, without a doubt,
or (B) say nothing and be like, Whatever,
Ive seen cooked birds that look better,
or (C) toss the birds some candy or fish,
well the answer is (D), and (D) is this:

Make way for ducklings,
make way for those migrating ducklings.
Make way for ducklings;
because now youre an existentialist hero.

Shout outs to Tomohawk,
shout outs to the Moonies.
Truck Records is in effect.
Shout outs to you,
thank you for listening to this song.

Mc Lars Horris
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