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Mc Paul Barman - All Caps

I'm olds school like a scycop in high-tops
When I drop knowledge lazers shoot out my eye like Cyclops
I took a Colt .45
To a Micael Bolton 45
Carpe Diem.
I hated Dead Poet's Society and R.E.M.
When my synapses snap
the rap world collapses
It looks like demolition photos done in time lapses
The name in all caps is M-C-P-B
You'll never see me fronting
Like I'm e e cumming
K.D. Lang and Art Speigelman
Think they can hang as equals man
(Bell hooks)? confuse capitalism with capitalist patriarchy
Me and the caps lock know that to be mullarky
I just can't seem to keep my panties on
Since entering the pantheon
I broadcast across the atmosphere like Denis Leary
As pee hits your knee
From the urnial
So flows internal kernels from my journal

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