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Mc Peaches - Crowd Pleaser

(And now for our feature presentation)

[VERSE 1: MC Peaches]
Let's start this cause I don't have time to waste
Have the microphone ready when I come in the place
So I can go and just show the skills I possess
I pick up the mic to rock and let my DJ do the rest
I don't procrastinate, I just go with the flow
Get my point across to rappers and let them all know
That I will achieve greatness, you better await your
Turn before you come and get burned
Steppin through 1-2 and what I'm gonna do
Is say a dope rhyme that'll take out all of you
Always braggin on the bandwagon MC's
Just keep walkin and talkin before I hit you with one of these
Blows to the head tryin to step and you're dead
See, you thought I fell off, but instead
I came back more hyper, doper than ever
For MC Peaches to sleep? Huh, never
I'm too clever to ever be trapped
And as far as a battle (Nah, they ain't with that)
So let's get back into the swing of things
As I recite the hype type rhymes that I bring
The dancesteps are left up to Tobe and Dancey
Yeah, I do a little shake here and there but nothin fancy
Just enough to make the crowd go crazy
I'm MC Peaches and suckers don't faze me
Damage is bein done when I take the stage
Rockin to the groove that the King Of Chill made
You'll never catch Peaches lookin like a skeezer
Cause I'm the crowd pleaser

[VERSE 2: MC Peaches]
Flowin like fluid and gettin into it
If there's a obstacle in my way, I go through it
No time to scheme and plot as I rock
First pass the dollars and then I'll drop
The lyrics that makes some girls upset
The fellas sweat because the whip appeal is in effect
I rock a party from beginning to end
And may the Mighty one forgive me if rap's a sin
Dope is how it's done and I'm doin it
Too professional for anyone to ruin this
Expedition, there's no competition
For me to get fly on the mic is a tradition
It's my duty, my job, my nine to five
To keep the party live
Cause I'm the crowd pleaser

[VERSE 3: MC Peaches]
Comin to you quicker than a hauling-ass jack rabbit
You think the mic dissappeared but no, it's me who grabbed it
So what the heck, you wanna hear who's comin next?
With all respect, MC Peaches is in full effect
Not a forty so don't think about passin me
Scarin up your town like a modern day Butch Cassidy
I'm comin atcha, comin atcha, comin atcha
Harder than a linebacker, about to sack ya
Total pandemonium when I take the stage
I grab the mic like a trigger from a twelve guage
My allies, they put many to shame
And when you thought it didn't get any doper Peaches came
"...Straight Rollin Hard"
Yeah, then I sat back and waited for some stuff to start
But no one stepped up, so no one got stepped on
They know the deal with Peaches, so they know not to get me wrong
You wanted the good stuff, I gave you a big dose
Have you screamin and shoutin like you're catchin the holy ghost
You'll never catch Peaches lookin like a skeezer
Cause I'm the crowd pleaser

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