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Mcgruff - Exquisite, The Spot (Interlude)

feat. Shugar Diamonds

Rock mics, hold my diz-ick, flow exquisite
Pop niggas then I throw the biscuit
Get some 'dro and twist it, when from Mo' to Cryst shit
Still gettin that dough, on the striz-ip, on the coke tiz-up
They call me Gruffie, Crime Hound, used to be a Pound Puppy
You should see the way I down bubbly
Every dame in the town love me, stay dip
Cardiere flame shit, Polo brown rugby
Moves too swift to let ya clowns touch me
Smokin like a doo-doo Dutchie, and you get found musty
Bust his here, man ya cats just infer
It's been a while now, I must appear, ya ass out
You fuckin wit the cause of this, who liver than this
Dive on ya wrist, take ya rollie, try to resist
Now I'm in the club shakin wit some pie and some Cryst
And that shit ya be makin ain't hotter than this

[Chorus x2: Shugar Diamonds]
Ya know how them thug cats do
McGruff style hard wit that Harlem crew
Gettin bent every day, all day
The club see sick, it's that Harlem way, exquisite

Yo, yo my name rings, champagne king, chain danglin
Harlem World to England, make world tour moves
Up in hotels, girls all nude, who want get screwed
Big boobs, wantin to get wit the dudes, sippin Crys' wit the cube
Lookin slick on the tube, yo these bitches got my dick in the mood
Flushed out, my mind, room service picked us some food
We in the rich cart and got baby girl clit fartin
Newly ro', day your dick cartin, six squadron
Forty D, front row seats, Knicks at the Garden
We players, six hundred Benzes, Navigators
Snatchin papers, overseas, under grass and acres
When it catch in Vegas, bastards hate us
Fly first class wit gators, flash the latest
My ass stay switch ya ass to neighbors
Diamond rings from stings, still spendin cash on more capers

[Chorus x2]

I drop hot rhymes, take ya Hot 97 slot time
I shine like an archive, her thirty night dime
V-12, six hundred gas, put my Nike on
Put a mic on, put it piked on
Strong-arm like 'Nam, Desert Storm never fight calm
Roll fifth, shook my right arm, pearl white palm
Murder your life form, make more noise than a night storm
Heavy artillery, hand grenades, and pipe bomb
Light Tron, then there's no tellin, who I might harm
Top wall, street businessman, in they white bond
It's like on, bullet holes, buck 50 life long
Fight strong, Don Juan, ill trife con
Write hype shit, my gang can make a dike like dick
And my crew bigger than ya crew, twice as thick
Niggas be lookin for some mic's to stick, nights to slick
And pikin dick and all the bad righteous chicks
My niggas light toke, you like them flicks
Tenure conversely, all types of kicks
My man L got 25 to life, told me life's a bitch
Said hold ya head Gruff, son and write them hits

[Chorus x2]

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