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Mean Green - Devil's Playground

feat. Ghetto Commision

the ghetto commission would like to welcome you to the ghetto
where an idle mind is the devil's workshop
and the motherfucking streets huh
the streets is the fucking devil's playground

[verse 1]
father forgive me for the wrong I've done
but I was high, my brain was numb
I ain't meant for him to die
the bullet traveled when he grabbed the barrel
what made the gun go off [gunshot]
what made this up a robbery and murder charge
I'm still at large but it's like my souls on lock down
i'm having trouble sleeping
having visions of my victim I can hear him speaking
telling me how many kids he had
reminding me how many kids I left without a dad
it got me feeling bad
fucking with this white girl
cause I'm off into this world
got my nose the color of a pearl
I'm on my knees pleading my case to my only true judge
hoping he doesn't hold a grudge against a thug
so I repent with the intent of saving my soul
trying to dodge the place where sinners go down below
where the demons at, where niggas screaming at
where niggas fiend for ice water like it's crack
the devil's habitat


why..........are we
trapped in the devil's playground
why............are we
trapped in the devil's playground
why..........are we
trapped in the devil's playground
why............are we
trapped in the devil's playground

[verse 2]
6 in the morning, nigga yawning
I grab my keys to get some joes
I started driving, but surprising hell this corner store was closed
my pockets low and my tank on empty
the game of life it's starting to tempt me
I pray to god to be my guide
but being a hoodlum niggas in me
I pulled up quickly on the wootie
I told him freeze, but it was slowly
a broke ass nigga ain't worth a fuck
a little something my poppa told me
as I pushed his hands in the mud
he muttered black man show some love
I popped him one time in the shoulder [gunshot]
I told your bitch ass not to budge
boy don't make he have to split ya for your issue
son I'll kill ya
I saw 2 white boys on the corner screaming look he shot that nigga
breaker breaker
I'm hearing sirens with this nigga bleeding badly on the pavement
laws approaching shouting freeze
so I broke off in the breeze
I saw a japanese american with his kid
I'm bout that nonsense
I stash his g's and took him hostage
as he screamed you got no conscience
I'm surrounded by blue cowards and I'm off dark blue in powders
I should have stayed my ass in bed
I might have lived to see tomorrow [gunshot]


[verse 3]
father can you help me
I got demons inside of me
I ain't living wealthy so I'm scheming a robbery
black thick and suited up black chucks booted up
if you see me creeping, don't test my rounds just give it up
if you snooze, then you lose
the ghetto blues made me choose to act a fool
out my two to take it all from your shoes to your cools
there ain't no rules, so I suggest you cooperate
if you don't participate in my come-up
then call the surgeon to operate
I'm ducked off in the shadows with double barrel in hand
I see my victim approaching he don't know he's my man
you blink your eye and you die
he made a move with for his waist
no time to waste you sealed your fate
I let one fly to his face (gunshot)
bucking his pocket for profit and on his waist was a pager
if I knew you wasn't strapped wootie, I wouldn't sprayed ya
now my souls on the banners, I think I just tipped the scale
I stole an innocent life walking the stairway to hell


dog I'm telling you we already trapped in the devil's playground
half of us in jail
the other half that's not in jail they on they way to hell
so who's to say who's right and who's wrong
even the preacher singing the devil's song
TSO, NO LIMIT major players

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