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Mekong Delta - Prophecy

Mekong Delta, J. Jenkins

Before the night is over, you'll be initiated too.
You are elected for the world, you must be prepared when the time will come
Listen to the prophecy now
You're given from the great old ones
The music in your hands is a bastion
Why me? Tell me, out there.
Isn't it deceit, man? Pay the price.
Believe me, I'm too weak.
You've got inner strength, man. Ability's your might
Deceive me! Take my doubts away.
You've got no choice, man. It's the only way!
What should I think of this?
'cause much too many have failed this way
Maybe it's just another paralogism
and my mind fools me now
I listen to the prophecy now
that I'm given from the great old ones

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