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Mephistopheles - Twilight Shore

As the heavens opened
Light poisened the air
All fallen angels followed
The leader's fiery glare
They came with the storms
Once heaven's delight
He summoned them all
An army with pride

And then at dusk
When daylight went
The fallen angels
With black - blooded scent
They bowed before him
To speak the oath with eyes so black
A mighty voice cut the silence
The lord of falsehood raised his head

We are casted out of this false paradise
So let us join under the banner
To perish his kingdom

This god exists no more
In ruins he will reign
A worthless victory
For all eternity
Let this be your last fate
To fight for hell
My renewed paradise
Lucifer's spell

Soon we will return
The dark kingdom's ascension
Oh winged flock of impurity
The poetry of this dark quest
Lead me to redemption

The armies carry on his will is rule for all

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