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Mercenary - Perceptive


Cyberdeath A Common Word
Speak Up My Friend Or You Wont Be Heard
Internet Or Alternative
A Spiders Web The Human Way
Perception Proceed At Persisting
Bury The Word Belive In Being
Desception Decietful Decision
Just Decline
Decline Now

No One Knows What Lies Behind The Consoul
No One Knows What Lies Behind The Console
No One Tells
Because No One Cares At All
At All

When I Colapse In The Year Zero Zero
You Will Collide With Me
2000 Dark Days
Seemed Like Years
52 Rainy Weeks
Seemed Like Tears
Untill The Falling You'll See
You Will Break Down
Break Down With Me

The Pain Perception
The Pain Disciples

No Matter What
No Matter Where
No Matter How
I'll Be There
I'll Be There

In The Darkest Nights
And In The Brightest Days
Untill The End
Will You Still Prevail My Frind
2000 Ways
2000 Dark Days

We All Belive
We All Percept Some More Only In Reverse
We All Percept

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