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Merciless - Branded By Sunlight

Sins Of Life Seeking For Something
Tired Soul End Up In Nothing

Try To Feel But I Will Never
Circle Of Life Lost There Forever

As I Leave This Earthly Life Your Belief Is Denied
Eternal Solitude I Seek Peace Of Mind
Heaven's No Place For Me Not Even Hell
Don't Wanna Walk The Earth Just Find A Place To Dwell

Try To Find The Black Hole The Gates Made Of Gold
The Fool Can Never Enter He'll Be Left In The Cold
Home Of The Shadows The Dark And The Grey
Branded By Sunlight Eyes Blown Away

As The Mortals Await The Dawn
I Build My Creation Of Scorn
Horror Of Unknown Art
Make The Soul Fall Apart

Sins Of Life ... (See Above)

In The Seas Of Bitterness
On The Ground Of Emptiness
In Disgust I Watch The Sun
My Life Is Done

Try To Feel ... (See Above)

As I Leave ... (See Above)

Branded By Sunlight

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