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Play Dirty - Link Up TV: Behind Barz Freestyle текст песни

Link Up TV, Number one for talent entertainment
Krept, Behind Barz right now
Konan, Behind Barz
Link Up
Dun'kno it's all love
Tsunami, Out now
Hold tight for Play Dirty Camp
Dun'kno what it is already
Krept Show them

[Verse 1: Krept]
Who do you belive in? Allah
How do you praise him? Salah
And why do you stray him? Gwolla
Music, Fitna, Ama
Out tryna rake in butter
Man, what a sucker, Cause I know it's Haram, ah
Gotta get from the road to Islam, ah
But I'm from the roads where it's hard ta
South London, also known as the Gaza
Where Muslims would rather listen to Tha Carter
Than wise words from the noble Qu'ran, ah
It is a disaster
We replaced Kufis and Fobes for that Dolce Gabana
Subhanahu wa ta'ala, InshAllah
Have mercy on those without Shahadah, [InshAllah]
I swear the Dean's got what no one has to offer
But we chase the Dunya still, and not the hereafter
See a buff gal, Brothers racing to chat her
Or they racing to napa? Got it racing to Jan'ah
I'm just raising the matter
And man will wake up for Ana, but they won't wake up for Fajr
You should wanna throw stones at the Kibla
Instead man wanna throw, crow in the Rizla
Roll in the ringer, close to the trigger
And take your soul out your figure
My westernised ways, got me losing my balance
This westernised place, got us moving like Kafars
Me without sinning, hard to imagine
But I don't wanna join Shaytan in Jahannam
Astarfirullah, I should be practising Sunnah
But I'm out here, trapped in the Dunya
Instead of splashing more, I actually shoulda
Sent money abroad, gave back to my Ummah
But I blame the roads, Mad ting
I grew up around fuckeries happening
You ain't seen the mans inside cause of shankings
You ain't seen a mans brains blown from a ham ting
Couple older brothers used to give man metal too
And say when you do the ting, It's this ya men would do
Go off in petrol to rid the residue
It's no lies, real shit I'm tellin you
15 when I first fleed from a M
15 when I first beat on a...
And that's Wallahi talk, I've been on the ends
This is all from the heart, I don't need to pretend
Couple older man are washed, idiots them
Stuck on the block, I ain't tryna be one of them
The hoods got man, 6 deep or in pen
Got my niggas wishin for their freedom again
I'm really sorry Ma, all them times I was stupid
Had the feds running in the house, cause of shootings
I made you cry a lot, all that shite I was doing
You knew about the gang ting, that's why you were screwing
I promised I'd do Uni for you, and I won't break it
I don't even do it for myself, you know I hate it
But I said I'll make it up to so I'll be patient
Cause you know I got another dream and I'm a chase it
I know you more than miss me
Cause I left home quicker than a normal pitnee
Kept saying be safe, and always kiss me
Cause she knows our hood is more than risky
And I'm a get you outta there I promise
For now, I'm tryna fill my pockets
Then anything you want I'll cop it
I just wanna get you out, I promise

[Verse 2: Konan]
Konan, Listen
You think these dark shades will hide the pain? (Nah)
Penny for my thoughts cause I'm tryna change
They say money will never bring you happiness
But I would rather be unhappy inside a Range
I'm sick of cells like my bodies not well
If I ain't in the ringer then I probably got scales
Look, better make sure your shottys got shells
Cause lifes a bitch, It's a doggy dog world
And I'm sick of feds tryna run in my drum
My dad died 45, guess I'm the son of a gun
Yeah I'm stuck in the slum so I hope that my times near
Cause even though we got a buzz, It's been a lightyear
I go hard cause life ain't easy
Especially when your out here knee-deep
I could take you back, Sweat box in a jail cell
Introductuing, no remote for my TV
Came out, streets going mad for my CD
Now even vegetarians wanna meet me
Always in a problem cause I never had humble friends
Tryna move rags while your stunting in your uncles benz
Looking at these dirty notes, thinking that I need to change
Cause all this work I do will probably leave a stain
Sitting in the cell, thinking I don't wanna steal again
Convict shit, I know Akon can feel my pain
They want me on my death bed but I ain't snoozing off
A 9-5 ain't enough so I choose to rob
Or some food to shot, it's hard not to lose the plot
When your mums telling you she's gonna lose her job
Life's a bitch and I know about losing Dogs
Let me reminisce, wait turn the music off
Bussin through these red lights tryna lose the cops
Trying not to lose the square but I ain't tryna lose the box, Konan!

[Verse 3: Krept]
Too many Dawgs in our Cemetary
Rap, Tiny, Charmz, Frenzy
Po, Drake, Termz, Wesley
Hurts me immensely, Try know that
Oh yeah, I remember this night so bad
In my house when I heard a gunfire go CLAP
My mum thought it was fireworks
I said, 'Mum, fireworks don't sound like that! '
So I came outside, in the ice cold and
Saw Bones on the floor, with his eyes rolled back
Imagine that for some, to see this would be awful
Imagine I was young, but to me this was normal
Tell you bout my past, got a mind full of memories
Tell you bout my dawgs, that have died in the Ends and shit
Tell you bout my dawgs that are riding them sentences
Tell you bout my Marj, he dying of that hemorrhage

Behind the barz
Yeah we leavin it there?
Yeah, Dun'know behind the barz
Konz, Krept Play Dirty
Dun'kno the movement
Hold tight everyone
Tsunami, Itunes
Twitter @konanplaydirty

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