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[Intro: British slang]
What you saying my bruddah?
What you saying, OTIS?
Suttin' like that my G
Nah, but you gotta go first bruv, man
Why do I have to go first though, like what's that about?
Cause you look like Jay Z a bit innit, fucking hell
I don't look like Jay Z fam, your girl looks like Kanye dickhead, are you dumb!?
Shut up man you got his lips bruv, like...
Your girls got Jay Z's lips man you prick!
You going first though?
KMT... Fam...
Allow it man, stop complaining
Ayt fuck it...

I don't think they're gonna clock what I'm saying though!

[Verse 1: Konan]
We went away for a bit now everybody thinks they run things'
Now we're back, everybody stop frontin'
She said she wanna get inside my boxers
Cause she like the way I punch him
She was on stuff you should have saw Krepts face
I make these girls buss but you've gotta have these skets trained
Cause all this Armani could make your exchange
Why? When you're fly, you ain't even gotta explain

[Verse 2: Krept]
Money on my brain 24/7
Got 1 sik 8 like 24 7s
Get a calculator out and go back to the last sentence
-Wait what did he just say?
I'm what's poppin' along with her cherry
We the best period none of you's ready
Made his head Curve
When I hit him with the Torch
Cause he thought he was Bold
So he got Berry'd

[Verse 3: Konan]
I tell her that she's hot that's how I break the ice
She dressed to kill, she wanna take my life
She spilt drink on my Nike Airs
I had to switch the Jordan's like Katy Price
Got these girls going mad, what a crazy life
Babe I got a free house, wanna stay the night?
She gave the eye, then I fade the lights
Got the Jim-Jams out and the baby wipes

[Verse 4: Krept]
Ah, Yeah, I'm a sexpert
10 girls before they dive on me, head first
Twin barrel tings, make your head jerk
I'll make two twins pop, Jedward
I don't give a FUCK
Roll on me with your Benz might get Merc'd
Broke niggaz no net worth
You knee'd Liz now your leg hurts

[Verse 5: Konan]
I rape my bars with my eyes closed, call that a blind date
Your girls been watching, she's a time waste
I hear rappers saying they're the best
But I don't give a monkeys cause I ain't even at my primate
The way this girl's on me you would think I was tryna diss her
Stella always wine's cause she knows I will never liquor
Killer, but you know I never mind her
Get girls whipped then I go screw the driver

[Verse 6: Krept]
Got your girl whipped, feeling all horny
Fingers, I got two in, Broadway
Top class brain but she failed college
Kilt that pussy but I ain't Scottish
Test out my somethin' if you wanna try mock it
Had enough of you punks so I got a rocket
Silly nob spilt chili on his top
But that's the only time he's had a hot spice on him

Alright, alright Krept, alright you went in alright, fucking hell bruv
-getting a boner and shit!
Bruv! I don't even like you fam
Why fam?
I just don't like you bruv, you're fucking jarrin'
Man I hate your guts rudeboy!
Fuck you! You lil... Pagan!

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