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Playa Fly - Gettin' It On текст песни

feat. Bill Chill, Gangsta Blac

[Bill Chill]
Do you mind if we.....
You and me, me, me, me, me, me we be gettin' it on?
What I wanna do, what I wanna do is be,
Gettin' it on
All night long, long, long, long, long, long

[Gangsta Blac]
See I pray before every meal, man that's the way it is
Hell never had me, probably couldn't handle me, so I sit and chill
Peelin' greens off money stacks, showin' love where love is at
Different strokes for different folks, that ana keep these devils back
Keep my head above my shoulder, wiser as I'm gettin' older
Pay attention, sit and listen, comprehend, don't make me fold ya
Lay back like that Mack and out, G. Blac done already told ya fools
Keep Blac down with playas jackin', you don't wanna test, it's cool
T. Wright ain't no stoppin' us, we risin' urkin' plenty people
When you switch from good to bad your good it brings you lotta people
Sippin' on some crooked I, dodgin' all you playa haters
Brother Bill he know the deal cuz boy it's gone get greater later
Alligators reachin' surface, gotta keep 'em underwater
On my hands and knees I'm prayin' "Please help us make it Father"
Do it yesterday cuz yesterday, we be dead and gone
Thou shalt not fake it once he make it and until then,
we be gettin' it on

[Chorus: Bill Chill]

All night long.....
Ain't nothin' wrong if we be gettin' it on....
Good feelings comin' through,
The way I feel when I'm with you,
And we be gettin' it gettin' it, gettin' it on....

[Playa Fly]
Risin' with the early Sun, now my day has just begun
Ganja on my shoulder as I'm makin' sure I take a gun
Today is the first day, of the rest of my life
I'm thinkin' bout my family and wonderin' if we'll be alright
Strollin' through the cuts, as I aim, through the wall of fame
Mane the flow is on to me but knowin' it will never be the same
Mane it gets no greater later, even for you playa haters
Always for the innovators, sometimes for you desecrators
Even live the Players life
Havin' drinks and much in sight
Have a game to campaign? What'cha got up for tonight?
Winein', dinin', feelin' fine and claimin' clouds of number nine
And hella killas what I'm talkin' bout to funk them I am climbin'
See me smilin', lookin' wily, got a loced out face
Suckas think they close to me? Deep inside I feel disgrace
Playa Fly will never mention pan for attention though
Prayin' that I make it home
Stayin' full of holy dope
Gettin' it on

[Chorus: Bill Chill]

Gettin' It On....
All I want to do is get it on.....
Wanna do it, wanna do it with you
Be gettin it, gettin' it, gettin' it,
Be gettin' it, gettin' it, gettin' it on

Now we breakin' local laws
Crackin', packin' jaws if you step to this
I be the teacher, you the student, same ol' business trick
Gankin', drinkin' ain't enough, plenty to be reachin' for
Dumpin' back from jumpin' gangstas bumpin' what he got in store
Mastermind of wreckin' things, eighty five it's gotta change
No one else to blame, nothin' but fame, carry my pistols mane
Ana got you livin' scared, shakin' in your birthday suit
In and out of Georgia, through the border, still be on too
Drug dealin' and jackin' is what you givin' folks after time
Civilized, stringin' saw danger through these bloody eyes
Hypnotizin' hillbillies, ???? it ain't in me Fly
Keep your nose up out our business, here these guineas may try
Break yourself, feed your death, Playa I be outta Jones
Nickel and dimin', late-night crimin', cut my hands up from the phone
Bill it don't get rough enough, fluffin' leavin' broken bones
Al-Salaam Alaikum to my brother and we be gettin' it on

[Chorus: Bill Chill]

Gettin' It On, you make me feel like gettin' it on,
What I wanna do, what I wanna do, say me and you,
Be gettin' it, gettin' it, gettin' it, gettin' it, gettin' it,
Hey we be gettin' it onnnnnnnnn

[Playa Fly]
Livin' for the little end, now you know it's on again
Playa lovin' Friday, this is Flyday and I'm clockin' in
Make my way to S-P-L, just a yell and then a throw
Then we try to take it easy, but we still stay bout our haul
Now I chill for every thrill, only got one life to live
Don't believe in afterlife, but wonderin' where heaven is
Still I focus on the streets, probably cuz I have to be
Fetty makin' shootin' dice, a Playa learnin' not to cheat
I trial from a rival competition that I love to see
Playas just supportin' me, bringin' out the best in me
And when the real ones hear me shout, man we plan to party out
See some playas fallin' out and endin' we don't think about it
What you callin' clout? Mane we holdin' paper oh so long
Know that Fly been doin' wrong, through my cursin' in my songs
Yeah it's still wrong, Playa gotta thank the man above
Never show enough respect, but even givin' plenty love
Love to see us get together, Bill Chill, Carlos, P
Slick and Tony Bone, Chante', Gangsta B. and Charlie Weeze
If we get to wakin', shakin', breakin', layin' playas down
Suckas make us wait, we don't play and you know, we be gettin' it on

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