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Playa Fly - Start Runnin'

[Verse 1]
Who that comin' gunnin' Flizy comin' gunnin' feel the battle
Deep off in my chest where buddah rest the vocal Uzi lies
Golden and I'm holdin' it and aimin' every single shot
Blastin' much too fast for you to run so it just pop and drop
Floppin' on the concrete in the strizeet in a bloody puddle
With no one to cuddle wit ya but the dirty devil sucka
Everything Fly say is smooth, even when Fly wise and rude
Don't you lose your cool and bustas best not catch an attitude
Start to ball it's callin' on you squealin' like a woman pig
Problem is gon' cost your head, you must stay before Fly quit
Out the frame Fly chick and slick, ?behind me get them kizness man?
Movin' snuggly boulders right on over, wid narcotic game
Expertise of ignorance, mister be afraid of this
What you do not know can surely cost youfore it's over wid
Pay me some attention close, as you flex and flodge and boast
Who that comin' gunnin' Flizy comin' and I told you so

[Chorus: x8]
Who that comin' gunnin'?
[Flizy comin' gunnin']
Start runnin'

[Verse 2]
I bump on hypocrites, I bump on trizicks, I come to get this
I rob this shop non-stop to the top is droppin' all this bullshit
I twizen, to certain music, so versati-zile
And my style's worldwide two mountain funk are layin' in Fly pi-zile
Not counterfeit, nor falsified but often Fly been criticised
By bustas, who know not nothin', about Mister Flizy
Your gossip, you need to stop it,
Fly think you safe to fade young trizick, this ain't yo pulpit
I can't be crucified I'm just bumpin', and keep on comin'
Pop him in the dungeon, and something, is better than nothing
So don't be lunchin', this scenery, is fulla greenery
And Fly got access and it's Minnie Mae, and opportunity,
Success and process don't flex me, or don't you test me
Or you'll be restin' Fly ri-zight, you comin' wri-zong, so Fly correctin'
Respect me, or get ejected fore players ki-zearn your mi-zind
I'm comin' gunnin', and takin' your trunk chain


[Verse 3]
Fly speak this fastly, Fly speak this gladly, Fly speak this lastly
I'm dopin', and speakin' potent, lyrics so nasty
Let's rock it, and tear up assholes and scar up elbows
Of all those, who do not ri-zoll, this way Fly gi-zo
So nappy, move nuts for nothin', and teach my si-zons and di-zau
Fly ain't no chiz-a, and here you've risen,
An icon, a number wiz-on, and here I ki-zome right at ya
And come to get ya, and no illusion,
Don't enter, you start that creepin',
Cause it's my need and won't stop me
I'm not no target, so you just eat it
Premorse me, then Fly will surely, close up your playground
Pre-school ya, then over rule ya, grab up the ri-zound
Then it's over wid, it's finished, Fly start it, Fly endin' it
Fly take the cake and ate it, and had ice-cream wid it
And I'm not the biggest, nor baddest, but realest
It's thumpin', ki-zomin', gi-zunnin', so feel this


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