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Playaz Circle - Stupid (Remix) текст песни

feat. Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne

[Playaz Circle:]
Yeah, Okay, it's the G mix nigga, Stupider

[Chorus: x2]
I gotta stupid stack, with alotta o's
And when I pull up, I'm with alotta hoe's
I gotta bank roll, stupid bank roll
I gotta bank roll, stupid bank roll

[Playaz Circle:]
Jump anything goes, (what) anything goes (okay)
I stay swag if I never wore the same clothes
One for the money, too many shows
I bought another chain now I got 3 of those
Ya stupid tit, I come stupid bad
And I'm high, bitch I'm on that superman
I'm in a supercharger, and it's super clean
2 stacks of faro pacca that's a stupid bean
Pick ya rain pink, that's that stupid fruity bling
Don't feel bad boys we the stupid through the team
You got a bad bitch, what ya goin to do
A harder remix stupider my outfit from Jupiter

[Young Jeezy:]
Call me stupid man, I have a stupid plan
To get them stupid ban, got em with stupid hands
Got to my stupid spot, got to my stupid safe
Into my stupid coat, and now they stupid satan
I got a stupid bitch, that pussy so dumb
Give her that stupid dick, that pussy so young
What's on my stupid finger, maybe this stupid ruck
We paying more that 26 then that's a stupid block
That was a stupid call, that was a stupid play
I tell that stupid motherfucker have his stupid day
It ain't nothin dollar, you know I got ya tip
Just leave it up to Young to say some stupid shit
Jizzle ya stupid homes, I'm on a stupid song
Know what I'm blowin on, some of that stupid strong
White and green stones, Kevin Garnett
Pull a hamstring, Rim is upset

[Chorus x2]

[Playaz Circle:]
They call me stupid fruity shorty, he got them stupid packs
Stupid Fruity shorty, he got a stupid swag
Stupid Fruity shorty, straight from overseas
Tell them no more house's baby all I sell is quarter keys
The Bro said, dollar got a stupid ass wrist
Told them don't feel bad, on set, swag on the bitch
Got them juicers on the Benz with a stupid ass nip
And a hundred fifty rounds that's a stupid ass clip, yeah
For 36, I'm talking 32
Magic Johnson I'm down with the Lakers too
I'm talking old school, like the baby blue
Silk Perth, yellow stones, yellow gold too

[Lil Wayne:]
Weezy in this bitch, stupid chain on my neck
Come a lil closer smell the pussy on my breath
I gotta talk stupid I'm a Young Money Rufus
My niggas is retarded and my bitches is the cutest
I'm a muthafuckin' psychic, because I know you like it
I tend to see things like the muthafuckin' titan
Got these stupid ass Nikes, these stupid ass hoodies
Stupid ass don't like it, why ya stupid ass lookin'Huh
I gotta stupid Bugatti
And I can 1 wheel my stupid ducati
Haha, Stupid, Dumb, and Crazy
And this is just a stupid ass Remix Babyy

[Chorus x2]

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