Poetic Hustla'z Cross Me And You Die текст песни, слова песни Cross Me And You Die Poetic Hustla'z & Krayzie Bone

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Poetic Hustla'z - Cross Me And You Die текст песни

feat. Krayzie Bone

[Tony Tone] Comin' up in the hood, we desperate, hustlin' everyday
[Boogy Nikke] Cross me and you die; it's very necessary
[Tony Tone] And if you die, realize you asked for this
[Krayzie Bone] That nigga's never comin' back no more

[Boogy Nikke]
I was known for temper-tantrums, comin' up as a little nigga
fuckin' suckas up for love of disgust
but when them chumps be runnin' their mouth
tryin' to come real loud to ???
Never faded a nigga once, and twice is just nice
If you like, I got the balls to say this bigger nigga in charge
I got my clip for extra hip, for them suckas that slip
Niggas better realize in a situation, cross me and you die
Better you than me, nigga, can't you see?

[Mo! Hart]
Cross me and you die motherfucker that's how I feel
About ready to get the ??? milli to show you hoes my wetting skills
I'm just that little nigga you don't want to ever see
Leavin' you bitches in puddles of blood, nigga, what?
Bailin' and sweating
Dodgin' po-po, 'bout to get my shit
Load up another clip
Red beam, now your ass is hit
Murder, mo murder, bloody blood
As the dead bodies die they just shoot 'em up
Breakin' necks, ha ha. I got 'em. I got 'em


[Tony Tone]
I'm loadin' my pistol, I'm aimin' to kill ya
With a hollow point tip that'll feel ya
By rippin' your chest, a nigga was pressed
For my guns, but a nigga straight picked ya
So I send him straight to hell, his soul will dwell
In the place of darkness, running in circles
Bailin' with curses
I'm givin' up no mercy for the test
Your death was bloody mess
Shoulda seen his face when he hit the dirt
Much hurt, bet it hurt
For fucking with a nigga that put in so much work
And my soldiers, we roll when the gunshot blow
Won't play me no more
I'm Tony Tone, you wonderin' why you fry
You cross me and you die
(die, die)

If the wicked man turns away from evil
and does what is just and right, he will surely live
and shall not die, but for those who cross me,
you will know my name is the Lord.
When I lay my vengeance upon thee


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