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Potluck - No Disrespect

feat. Ishi Dube

[Ishi Dube: x2]
We don't want no disrespect love
No I

[Verse 1:]
I'm livin in Humbodlt where were smoking the weed and keeping it peaceful
We treat you equal, don't get down with disrespectful people
You trying to scrap you need to leave
It ain't the time
Why you need to act so hard? You're always fuckin' up my high
I live on the West Coast the home of the gangsters so I know
It's like an unwritten ritual to get in a fight at every show
But not today were all gon blaze and feel so blessed
No matter the race, the color or creed were all gonna show some respect
Cause it's a new day, a new age I'm seeing us change
I toured the nation with Strange Music and did a song with Brother J
I was the shyest, smallest kid in my class so I'm just sayin
If we all just get to know eachother we all gonna see were the same

[Ishi Dube: x3]
We don't want no disrespect love, No I
And if you show love, great.
[? ]

[Verse 2:]
I was raised you gotta give respect to get it back
Believe in what you say in and never play when it comes to peoples cash
So I try not to be rude and always play it smooth
Knew how I'd do it and be the dude whose always keepin it cool
If you hate me then you hate me
If you love me and you know me
Real recognize real is what the G's told me
I'm your homie
Who be speakin the truth loud and clear
Right or wrong I don't care I'm only sayin' how I feel
It's what done and underrated and Potlucks living proof
No matter your differences no matter the things their telling you
Cause we be shakin' haters livin like some Humbodlt hippies
Let's smoke a joint and get along is anybody with me?

[Ishi Dube: x2]
We don't want no disrespect love no I...

Reggae Singing
[? ]

[Ishi Dube: x4]
We don't want no disrespect love, no I...

Reggae Singing
[? ]

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