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Potluck - Roll Big

feat. Kottonmouth Kings

Ok we live in Humboldt county and were smoking marijuana
Smoke more than Bill Clinton, smoke more than Osama
Were smoking like a Rasta, we king like mufasa
The weed's getting richer, gonna getcha than a gotcha
Potluck is rockin ya, smashing like a monster truck
We smashin inside your truck, ready to roll the fattest blunt
Mrs. Mary got me over plenty so I rhyme
My clock is broken, it's 420 all the time
So come and smoke the bestest bomb with me
Humboldt county got freshest marijuana trees
You'll never leave please believe it's not a joke
We got a lot of pot to smoke, this is the realist shit I ever wrote

[One Ton:]
Sometimes I hit the bong, sometimes I write a song
Sometimes I do it both till my sack of weed is gone
We the bomb and I'm a roll a blunt 6 inches long
To which is why I'm getting high till my vision's gone
Move along officer I got that?
I do my thing and legally I puff and drink
Keep it clean with a dream
I've been smoking since an early teen up in the scene
You know what I mean
Make a pound of weed disappear
Ain't got no [? ] looks like they keep it hot in here
Don't be scared, Mary Jane for a beer, any day of in a year
I'm coughin out my lungs, smoke comin out my ear

[Chorus x2: UnDeRaTeD and One Ton]
Cause we roll big, roll big
But if you got a little bit just roll big, roll big
Rollin up the bud and you know this, know this
Don't give a fuck
The kings and potluck are here to smoke the room up

[Johnny Richter:]
All though a lot of people think that I'm crazy
Johnny richter I live my life, when go I'll be blazin
One of the biggest ganja head of weed smokers
No bud smokers only I'm a till the death toker
Playing video games and eating snacks
Fridge packed of what I need just got everything
Just go ahead and pass that muthafucka!
Munchies I be killin
My cabin is filled from the ground all the way to the ceiling
If you didn't bring an ounce
Then you might just go ahead and bounce
The kings and potluck got no time to play around
This is business baby don't take it personal
Were makin major moves while your tryin make commercial
Suburban noize keep it goin ain't gonna stop our sound
We world wide taken over every underground
Kmk and kingspade keep it reppin strong
Daddy x, potluck, and richter, man pass that bong!

[Chorus x2: UnDeRaTeD and One Ton]

[Daddy X:]
We all get toked back
Fat sacks keep popping out the backpacks
Were rollin baby [? ] On chronic blast
It's extra X on that bet that was built to last
Connect California cannabis to the map
I hit and pass and we laugh in potluck's pad
From the red woods to the Tijuana flats
We keep them fat joints burning up good and fast
I feel that I was [? ] Crystal clear
Ganja leaves keep stinkin the atmosphere
Never fear when I'm tryin to ride by your side
See the police you don't even have to run and hide
Under an ounce you ain't even goin for a ride
I love this place like the smoke comin out my pipe
Wheres the lighter were getting higher than high tonight
Kottonmouth, potluck the recipe is right, the shit's tight

[Chorus x2: UnDeRaTeD and One Ton]

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