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Potluck - She Don't Wanna Fuck Wit Me

[Chorus: Kris Kaliko and One Ton]
She don't wanna fuck with me
It's killin me slowly
She don't need the love anymore
Being in my lonely
She don't wanna fuck with me
It's killin me slowly
She don't need the love anymore
She don't want me

[One Ton:]
I would never thought it would end like this
I would never thought you pack your shit
I would never you would shake the spot
Leaving me lost, feeling the cost, being a boss
Be so quick to forget, be so slick when you dip
Besides you don't wanna try to deal with my shit
Why don't you ever wanna listen to my missin while I'm giving you a kiss?
Can you see what I see? Can it be the way that it used to be?
Do you really think you could really live without me?
Tryin to be happy like you don't need daddy
No I don't think so, why you gotta be cold?
We was gonna grow old, now you're goin solo
Smoking on some do do, toke it with sorrow
If I could'ntbe with you, I don't wanna see tomorrow
You're out of my life girl, I don't even know why
You don't want me no more, no matter how much I try
I wanna kiss you tonight if I don't miss you alot
It's pretty simple you don't want it, I don't need you in my life
You ain't never comin home, you're really on the road
Trying to get you on the phone but I get your ring tone but I call Tyrone
Think I shoulda known when you said I shoulda leave you the fuck alone
Think I'm in denial, think about the pain and I feel hostile
Is it all worthwhile? Oh her friend left me the junk pile
Every time I dream, I can see you smile
When will it ever go away?
When will I ever have another day without the pain?
Where can I go? How long would I stay?
She don't wanna fuck, what more can I say?

[Chorus x4: Kris Kaliko and One Ton]

Man, I can't believe that this is happening
I'm losing my lover and I'm losing my best friend
We used to kick it everyday now it's over
But now I know how it feels since I'm older
Only time we heel the pain that I feel
Like every rhyme that I keep I'm gonna spit it real
If she wanna go then I gotta let it go
But it's hard, I'm laying in my room all alone

I wanna pick up the phone, I can't it
I still got a lot of love, I can't shake it
I get sick when I picture her naked
With another guy my heart is breaked
So smoking, wishin I'm hopin
Can't get you out of my mind, I'm still copin
She was so fine, so soft spoken
Like mag moss, you got me wide open
Why now? Why me?
We would fuck so good between the sheets
I held her so tightly, cause I thought she might be
Wifey, now she don't even like me
I woke up and thought it was a nightmare
Cause every time that I slept, she was right there
Now that I'm awake and up on myself
I think I'm goin crazy, I think I need help
She said that her love was certain
Nothing's perfect and I'm still learnin
I'm tryin to forget but the shit ain't workin
Love is real, my heart is burnin
I thought you were the one but I was so wrong
If I did have a gun, id be so gone
So fuck this trying to hold on
I guess a happy ending only happens in a love song

[Chorus x4: Kris Kaliko and One Ton]

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