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Potluck - Shut The Fuck Up

I was raised in Humboldt county so I had to bite my tongue
They say zip your lips and throw away the key where I'm from
When I was younger I kept secrets aways stayed quiet dog
When they started askin questions, I imitated silent bob
But you, you too loud, you never shut your fuckin mouth
Where I'm from, you blab your gums, you get your teeth knocked out
Or maybe even get buried if you're lucky they might spare your life
Catch you in the street getting kimbo sliced
And this is really for bitches too you need to stop talkin
Just worry about your life, you like to gossip to often
Who did she blow?, who did he fuck?
Just watch the notebook or oprah and keep your mouth shut, slut!
I know you're lonely always tryin to set a pit fall
Quick to spread rumors and drops dimes like you're chris paul
Here I have a message, hard to hear, I'll just text you
Next time you check your phone, it's a capital STFU

[Chorus: UnDeRaTeD and One Ton]
Who cares who I'm kissin, you just mad cause you is'nt
You need to mind your own business
Shut the fuck up!
It's the dirty revenue, to show the bitch inside of you
You neep to stop snitchin on your crew
Shut the fuck up!
Your goin non-stop gossipin a whole lot
I'm gonna talk my ear off
Shut the fuck up!
Be quiet, shut up, zip your lips, no talkin, stop snitchin, quit bitchin
Shut the fuck up!

[One Ton:]
Stop goin around town talkin bad on that girl
She wouldn't let you fuck now you're mad at the world
You try to buy love give her roses and some pearls
She said you're hella ugly and make her wanna hurl
Even worse, wanna be players singin and yellin
Come and visit your dwellin and then they kissin and telling
Put your business in the streets say you guick to give it up
They're making it hard on us real players
Shut the fuck up!

You're talkin so much your making me light up this joint
Man, you're giving me a headache, quick, just get to the point
Never get the need swear I've heard this before
Can barely hear myself think, your jaw's gotta be sore
That's what she said, get it? All that blabin just quit it
You a know it all bastard, you never let me finish
Irritatin and I can't even take it plus
You're probably someone talkin right now
You know what? Shut the fuck up!

[Chorus: UnDeRaTeD and One Ton]

Shut the fuck up! [x7] [scribbled]

[One Ton:]
Over half my life has been illegal chasing after bread
I'm dope boy living hide the money in my bed
Operating around lethal, always watching what it said
If you speak on other people, you'll probably end up dead
We neighborhood heroes, Al Pacinos, and Deniros
Only two people that I trust named Cochran and Shapiro
Live by the street code, our game is so composed
Hustle on the low and always keep my lips closed
Never trust a bitch, that's the first way to slip
I'm trying to stack it quick, find a way about this ditch
Doin dirt, tryin to flip, gotta work to be rich
Never squeal in a pinch, never tell, never snitch
Half a goal of mine, born to the life of crime
The cops wanna talk and I turned into a mime
Put my middle finger up, bitch read between the lines
I ain't scared to do my time, I would never drop a dime

[Chorus: UnDeRaTeD and One Ton]

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