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Preachas In Tha Hood

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Preachas In Tha Hood - From A G To A G

[Age: Talkin]
Yo my name is Age ese, I'm down wit the Godside
But saves que, I used to be in gangs, runnin the streets
Pullin drive bys, thuggin, gettin high, beatin people in my gang
Pero the Lord change me though, He came into my life
I never listen to my jefito, until I was facin 40 years to life in the pinta
For burgalry and fortury and other gang related things
I know you're runnin the streets, but deep down inside its killin you
But it doesnt have to be like that holmes
You can be in a better gang, and thats the GSG click
We're worldwide, we multiply and we never die

[Flow: Talkin]
Yeah that call me Flow ese, I'm the carnalito of Age
I was also goin in the wrong way, when the Lord got a hold of me
Thats when Age was in the torsida
I look up to the things my homies were doin
But I did not look up to the real OG
The One who took the gang beating for my
I used to rhyme on the streets of carnales
I never knew at the time, the Lord wanted me to bust flows for Gs
Thats why we're puttin it down, from a G to a G
Its time we start beatin dyablo up, and puttin him under out feet
He's messin wit lives of many people
Take the blind folds off and get jumped off the old to get into the new

G.S.G.s flowin these orginal gangsta rhymes
crazy lok, I smoke them demons as I drink their wine
Now I'm dumpin the round, the sounds
Gettin down wit the spiritual realm
Blastin them demons down to hell, then I bail
Back to the rhyme, back to the set
Gotta wash my hands cause they're wet
Cause it be 187 as those demons wept
As they krept, back to the diggy darkside
Cause they couldnt handle whe the Godside whoo ride
Im crimpin your eyes, crimpin your mouths
With the NIV slugs, never hear or see no evil cause I'm just a busta
World, who tries to lead all the G's astray
But I'm going the right way, sayin Satan K All day
Devil step back cause me and the Age get ill
We're breakin the demons off, and killin em down
And yo thats for real, cause these demons will try
These demon will die, these demons will come back and multiply
Because its a spiritual battle, then you gotta do or die
We're breakin your cap, peelin your cap
Thats how these demons get jacked
Like A Menace to Society, these G.S.G.'s stay strapped

The OCG posse is mobbin, yeah we squabbin
Packin our Bible's and blastin the caps
All those G's are havin a fast
From goin to lies, God has em back
If you get to close we're gonna blast
Ha Ha, we thought you knew

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