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Preachas In Tha Hood

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Preachas In Tha Hood - God Side Jam

feat. G Nutty

Throw you set to tha Godside jam
just throw your set to tha Godside jam
just throw your set to tha Godside jam
just throw your set to tha Godside jam
just throw your set to tha Godside jam

Yeah Im just kickin it to the Godside jam
Its the Age and Ima represent the best I can
Wit the flows I throw and Im down for the bros
And the vatos locked up in the pen and free in the streets
Im used to hangin wit the OGs claim the set
Flagin my rag and beatin down sissies

people try to say that we do this and that
just cause we dont wear, this and that

but look what God has done, and look where he put us at
but you still try to say, hey look at that
but now Im saved and gots to get my bang on
roll up to the station to fill the tank up
So we can roll through the hood, bumpin rap music
all in the name of Jesus, how these gangstas do it
rippin it up, and shuttin you up kick back and let these god side gangstas do it
my mentality is to be a G, wit the F to the L to the O to th W
so just throw your hands to the Godside jam
from the left to the right do the best you can
give it all up to Christ now take it over G Nutty

[G Nutty]
now throw you set to the Godside jam
because I represent for the great I Am
And the devil knows he cant get wit me
cause its that young G, that they call Nutty
and if I see the enemy then Ima kill ya for real
back up by Age and Flow my Denver familia
but dont get it twisted, I aint no punk
live for the Father and wont be talkin no junk
Like a munk, I gotta chill, and keep it humble
But every now and then I just might mambo
Godside and Im gon ride even after I die
Or when God cracks the sky
Now heres a message to my firme hynas
You cant sleep or creep wit this Nut from Indiana
But you can show me love from the G side set
Blastin then demons wit 187 on our flesh
Worshipin God in body, spirit and truth
yo thats the least you could do, because he died for you
to wash away all our filthy sin
thats why we represent and be born again


I see a stupid punk demon in the curtain
he's lurkin, hopin I dont get a hold of him because he's hurtin
Im certain Age already blasted at him
Cause the fear in his eyes when he thought I was his friend
But win its the end cause I blasted at him
The reaper came to take his roomate but I shot him in the head
so why does the self righteous wanna trip wit me
I do things correctly I think its just to a playa hata
Imaturatiy over puratiy, get off of my you're jealous of me
You're buggin me, Im happy wearin my 50 30
They're creased uo nicely, dont bite me or atagonize me
God looks at whats inside of me
So raise up off these G.S.G.s please

Roll up on the devil, yeah he's are stupid rival
Pull out my strap pull the trigger, pop pop pop
Put a slug in his head, I hope he's dead
Rest In Peace, I'll take his soul and throw it in the pit
Where it belongs, cause its full of sin
The Godside gangstas win again, yeah
All the B-Boys upstairs tryin to buy viynal
So they can rip it up on stage thats mine
and battlin rampages to make their weight

But yo wait a minute gotta keep real
And be gospel hispanic gangsta
Cause its the devil we out to kill
So I get up clean up, shave up my head
pack my lead in the waist of my 50 30s
Cause Im gonna win some souls to day
Satan KO day, we'll take them demons out when they pay
Its the Flow and the Age in a rage
Its them lok out crazy christians
we'll punch the devil in his lip if he steps to us trippin
but whos better to reach a g then O C G
So why dont you leave it up to me and my true homies
that our down for the G O D


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