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Preachas In Tha Hood

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Preachas In Tha Hood - Nothin Can Fade Me

feat. Lil P

Thank God its Friday, I'm wakin up at 12 o'clock in the afternoon
I'll take a shower, crease my 50 30, Age is comin soon
He's gonna pick me up, in his Jetta
Homegirl wants to come but I don't think I'll let her
Because this night ain't a night to kick it wit the hynas
Its just the homeboys on the 40 series tires
About 2 o'clock and we go to Jumbo's car wash
We wash all the tires, put some cherry wax and polish
Everyone's out tonight, cruisin on the strip
Gettin jack, cuz I'm playa hatin cause the po's like to trip
But we don't care, we cruisin our home boys never losin
Step to me, I'll bless you up and you'll have all the bruises
And we'll drive away as we're throwin up JC
Yellin out the window, nothin can fade me
Throwin up my clika, that's the GSGs
When the demons step to me, they end up pusin up daises

[Chorus: Lil P]
Nothin can fade me
When I'm rollin up your block
And you know it don't stop

Nothin can fade me
When I'm kickin it wit my click
Cause you know it never quit

So now its Saturday and I'm G'd up and I'm kickin wit my homies
Got my strap on my lap, and my loks under my hoodie
Snoopie and Lazy, gangstas rollin up my block
Actin crazy, I'm throwin up my set JC, nothin can fade me[JC]
Got me down since the old school cruisin parks
Caddy's sittin on shocks, sippin 40's past dark
Cause back in the days, cash ruled everything around me
Nothin could change me [whats up] except the county
I was locked up, charged for buglaries and forguries
But since then I changed my life around and Jesus saved me
When gangstas are at home makin dope from grocries
Stay strong and don't fall, cause we all know the real call
Thats how to win the hurtin, save their souls from burnin
Wether it be from Florida, Denver or down in Cali
So we hit it, kick it, we're throwin out the wicked
These lyrics arent explict, these lyrics are equisist
Some folks killed a demon. 187 goes code 3
We're drivin away throwin up JC
And like we said before homie, whats up ay
Nothin can fade me


We're Satan K all day, so run away run away
Some vatos wanna come up and play but they don't play my way
My way, so stay back when I smack this demon in the midst
I'll hit em wit the fist, they wanna get wit this
Today they'll no comprehesion, of the rempention
Its damnation, gettin high is what I'm statin
Playa hatin, when I ride, I jus fight these demons
Tryin to step to all the GSGs but they're dreamin
Cause nothin can fade us, nothin can fade us
Nothin can fade us, cause in God we trust
Now it's Sunday and I'm wakin up at 8 o'clock in the mornin
Im a drop a ? cause ? is never home

Nothin can fade me when I'm rollin down the strip
I hit my switch and pack a gun on the devil's lip
Sucka better not trip, cause I'll down my clip
Cause Ima bout to trip pull out my homies clip
Take a tok on some of God's gifts and take some rips
The Bible wit them demons, now I'm really fiendin
To be a Gospel spreadin Gangsta leanin on Jesus
I'll have to shank that demon right out of your heart
Cause you don't need a part of that devil cause Ima Christian rebel
On another level, and any punk demon wanna come my way
If I don't fast and pray and let God lead the way
Satan K all day, he never gets away
Beat him down everyday, God's bible, pop in the tape
These lyrics are gettin hot, Spirit's alive
Gangbangin wit these spiritual drive by's
They have to flee in the name of Jesus
Cause nothin can fade us
Yeah nothin can fade us


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