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Rollins Band - Out There

Walkin' shattered, confused, disturbed and alone
Feeling like someone just ripped your heart out and replaced it with a stone
Wandering as somewhere someone out there feels like you do
Open your eyes to realize that the only one holding on to you is you

When you're out there, you're out there
When you're out there, out there, out there, out there, Ohhhhh
I've been out there

When you're sitting in your room, lights out, door locked listening to the air
Phone starts ringin' you uplook it, dosen't matter who it is, you don't care
Wonderin' why life can fill you with so much pain
And sometimes all you wanna do is crawl away and die
Feelin' so carved out and hollow that you don't even have a tear
They left you cryin'

Lost, lost in the crowd, lost in my room alone
Lost in your eyes, lost in your arms
Lost in my-self, I don't know -
Where I went
I got lost, just like:
hated, alienated, thrown down, turned away, turned inside
solitary confinement turns to solitary refinement
I found myself alone
Mmmmmmm, so alone
Reachin' out I can't touch - I open my eyes, I can't see
Putting my feet out on the ground I feel I'm falling

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