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Royal Fam - Army Brickaid

feat. Jahrule, ROC, Timbo King, True Master

[Timbo King]
Army brigade, guns, grenades, fuck a parade
A dirty blade pierces your skin, you search for aid
Medical, Royal goverment, the federal
Knight to King-Bishop 3, my move is jettin you
It's actual, a scientist that's graftin you
What you think? That's the question that I'm asking you
Bomb material, you die from the radiation
Royal Fam/Ill Base, what? Affiliation
Collision, crashing niggaz like a test dummy
Accident/meant to happen, you rest ugly
Dressed in armorment, fight like barbarians
Slaughtering heads, we got connections with the aliens
Royal, down to Earth like soil
Four-fifty farenheit, I make the mic boil

[Dark Denims]
My raps slaughter everything just like Jemel the poet
Bring the light, I be the king to knight when I swing the mic
You grow wings of flight like Nike Airs
Beware, I might tear through your right ear with a nightmare
Grow white hairs on your cranium cuz I'm draining 'em
Stainin 'em, steel is titanium
Brutalize computer guys that utilize the distics
Snap their necks like dipsticks for wearing lipsticks
Blends quick like defence, sylabbles in sequence
Intents to bomb police precincts
Forceful instructor, reality conductor
Puncture the structure of corruptors
Lyrical master, I blast until your disaster
Faster than Nasa, get ghost like Casper
After that, flip off tracks like an acrobat
Phat raps thats cleaner than clothes out of a laundry mat
Me and Timbo leave rappers in limbo
Vocal crescendo blows your style out the window
Damn, brothas is foul like spoilled ham
Oil grams, the Royal Fam eating up your ground like the oil man

[True Master]
When you least expect is when I attack
Infact, your format is not yet suitable for combat
Still desendent factions in the kingdom
Campaign desperate attempts to take you freedoms
Emphatically, wack stratagies don't impress me
Impulsiveness'll bring a fucking tragedy, test me
Descent to the essence quickly, niggaz strictly flip
Fuckin with this royal assembly, his majesty summoned me
The Chief Administrator of the Law
True Master of this hardcore Art of War
I explore the depths of conflict with no pretense
found the best strategy, the most aggressive defense
So when you rush to attack, it be I to crush your force
and exhaust your supplies, don't send for reinforcements
Give orders for men to maintain they respective borders
or it's a god damn slaughter

Yo, my technical terms is like bacterial germs
Simpirials learned, gats get serious burns
You managed the damage, lyrical skills left your brain banished
Your soul vanished, but your body's on the same planet
Down some foruty's, hoodies, fatugies, Timbs and shorties
Buttoned up Tommy's, captured your boat low and naughty
The life I'm living, giving material religions
Slugs in vision, not a nasty but fast dicision
Sleek, we creap, tight, deep like a coalition
They'll be more visions, the specialists, medics, morticians
I hit your business, get your position an attorney
I'm on this journey, heaven or hell don't concern me
Walk through your mental, cancel styles with magnetic weapons
Kenetic sinister, minister of theories and epics
My flow's wet like oral sex in a skin flick
Mack ten's flip, advantage, flip and start to trim shit
Your rim's split, gat, big pump, you have to
Bullets passing the draft, blasting one, will catch you
Minds deserted, kick rhymes, nines is bursting
Crimes rehearsing, drop shot, cops in hearses

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