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Twin Perils - Birth Of Assassins

[Lone Ninja:]
Shinobi sniper load heat and fire dispose
Of the weak only foes who retreat are survivors
You not supposed to speak you liars you keep
Me wiser better cope with defeat or retire
You soaked deep in the mire opposing
Those who rose to their peak and higher
Get leveled and tackled, brag
And you're dead I'm jagged edged sever and slash you
That's what you get when you meddle with rascals
I'm after your neck like a devilish jackal
Tactical vest pocket hold grenade
Foes get slayed launch rockets at your whole brigade
Bold and brave, with head above water fighting the ocean's
Wave toy with me and get slaughtered I'm an explosive ray
Hope and pray you don't provoke the rage
I devour, you at the end of the barrel of a smoking gauge
My chosen trade is espionage I'm deadly
And armed you yellow bellied I'm calm no sweaty palms
Assassinate your gatekeeper it's time
To meet this basket case your fate's bleaker
There no escape either you're cornered and trapped thought
You was stronger than that you caught the impact you sprawled on your back
Don't have to hold heat or chrome to shut your blabbermouth
Still turn your home sweet home into a splatter house

Move, kick, punch, stab
Slice, block, slash, jab [x2]

[June marx:]
My flow is similar to magma the way the vintage melts
Artillery shells loaded to wage war against my inner self
As a kid I felt vulnerable to life's bear traps
So I kept a razor tip inside my air max
Knowledge elevates like alien air crafts
Welcome to insanity the mirror stares back
Clear facts four corners of the earth detach
Four revolvers burst dissolve you to dirt and back
War zone canarsie streets search the map
Prove yourself defenseless upon my first attack
Son I slap the shit out you space rap backpackers
Dissolve to ashes bastard fag rappers
To your communist regiment I brought mayday
Scorned like a bitch the curse of the goddess pelle
June Marx could give a flying fuck what they say
All you all bout to get checked like this shit is payday
I prey on the living like a prehistoric predator
Hunt the Klu Klux in the killing fields of America
Blades across the side of your face like a cellular
Infiltrate the palace to assassinate the emperor
Verbal arsenal complex as crop formations
Sharpshooter mark fired at the federal agents
Fire at the Nazi Regime fire at their patrons
Fire at Illuminati fire at the Masons
Fire at the Military base your stationed
Fire till the records no longer in rotation

Move, kick, punch, stab
Slice, block, slash, jab [x2]

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