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Twin Perils - Foward March

[Verse 1: June Marx]
I Travel the battle zone with my hazards on
Get the alcohol and cash any path I roam
Move between the realms of flesh when the cameras on
Engulf earth blue flames fuck this babylon
Armored souls in the trenches and we dressed to kill
Dark alliance all welcome to the ethereal
Art and science blessed with skill verbally perverted
At your service worlds alerted
Introverted disturbed the certain verdict
Circling serpents disgusted the mic adjusted
Beneath the rubbish of this culture truly abducted
By the budgets ignorant primitive illiterate puppets
Poisoning the public I exist in the numbness
And oblivious limitless images spittin the pilgrimage indigenous but
He who works like a slave eats like a king death I bring
From the cold winter lands where the soulless sparrows sing
Talk a walk with me in a place far from walt disney
A tarnished city dark and gritty heartless envy all within me the fear lessens
A clear message don't challenge if your a mere peasant

[Verse 2: Lone Ninja]
You fearing the presence of a warrior king
I'm here at the entrance, beware the scorpion's sting
You caught in a sling, you was blind to the danger
I toss and fling, all who igniting the anger
You spewing vomit struck while you screwing harlots
The darts twist, I'm hitting moving targets
Shrewd and modest, but don't get it confused
You're fixing to duel you'll lose, I am vicious and cruel
The gusty whirlwind's colossal you're squirming in the foxholes
I'm hostile just like a german gestapo
It's turbulent debacle as I raid the premises
Today it's evident that I will slay the nemesis
I say this with emphasis we titans and generals
I prying your tentacles, take out all spies and sentinels
You eyeing the spectacle what I'm writing is memorable
I strike like I'm Ivan the Terrible
Travelled portals and chatted with the paranormal
It's battle royal, send you back to the soil
Although we dead tired, we forward march
The shogun's empire, has fallen apart

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