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Twin Perils - Liquid Maneuvers

[June marx:]
The liquid maneuver I'm sick with the ruger
You shit kid manure, inflicted
The sickness bear truth to the few in pursuit of
The dark side be the ruler check the heading
Twin peril armageddon lick ten shots
At ya broke back armor shredding sabotage
The next election beheading it's general june
Alligator smile and elements of doom
I came to overthrow those who resist with an open wrist
Thought you was holier than thou when provoking this
But now you only choice to bow when I spoke a script
Funny style clown see my crown and obelisk
Kneel before the mic stand or the fire blazing
Annihilation gas chamber iron maiden
Concentration camps filled with hostile hate
Contemplate your death planned spill toxic waste
Across you force you to feel the dark aura
That a corpse do it's awful unlawful remorseful
Never I'm in the armory plotting better
Ways to sever thoughts of harming me for whatever
The infinite reason effortless shift the season
Desperate grip the freedom dump you in artic
Snow region harshest flow breathing it's the darkest
Throne speaking unfold the motherfucking teaching

[Lone Ninja:]
I'm at long range with a crossbow aiming at torso
You hid in chambers and strongholds danger was foretold
Where's the savior of lost souls you're held
Hostage in hell's mosh pit things ain't swell you felt
Conflict shocked when the swat raids you locked in the stockade
You not brave I'm hostile with hot rage
It's woeful if you wander I roll in mobile missile launchers
You're whole militias conquered behold the vicious monster
Wound your squad who could move and dodge from the coup de grace
Salute the serge or the troop'll barrage
Wear full metal jackets your crew's vessel blasted
We're too terrible so choose several caskets
Bring holocaust to a lavish prince you lost in the labyrinth
Don't cross or challenge us your forces are powerless
Come with horses and chariots we'll level your sector
No divorce from this marriage it's twin perils forever
We'll never surrender we won't be taken alive
Clever pretenders have a death wish they're waiting to die
You'll face your demise, in a matter of moments
You hate and depise, yeah we shatter opponents
Ya'll bastards is hopeless I work magic like mystic druids
Sick and putrid I'm spitting like liquid fluid

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