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Twin Perils - Roaring Thunder

[Lone Ninja:]
Lunge with a sharp blade and stab I'm stark raving mad
These is dark days, who could dodge rage and wrath
Raise a staff like moses by the red sea
Raid in a flash, we soldiers, violent and deadly
Slash a cyborg with samurai sword
We masterminds catch you bastards by storm
Attack at nightfall nocturnal, shots
Burst through your heart and merc you
We harsh and hurtful squash your circle
Persecute, I'm worse than a brute
Your nervous troops, are urging a truce
Your team we oust we'll let you rot in your tomb
We cleaning house without a mop and a broom
There's no stopping june and the lone ninja
You're in the hospital room we're the sole victors
Hold no prisoners you're written off as we wrote our signature
Ya getting tossed we gross and sinister
Massive like tractor trailer I'm the captain you sailors
Give you a gash like I'm vlad the impaler
You slackers and failures are facing a boss
We have to prevail cause, we taking no shorts
You're left in the oubliette I'm grotesque the spookiest
We're the best, and don't respect the foolishness
I'm sliding the trapdoors grinding your spine
With a hacksaw cause it's finally the last straw

[June marx:]
Enter the hellish storm weapons drawn flesh is torn
From the elevated echelon set a bomb
Set calm when the pressures on spreading harm
Pentagon to the seventh psalm veterans swarm
The bladerunner slay numbers blaze hundreds of haze
Stuffed the great hunter remain hungered a brave brother
The page suffer from an armageddon of words
Present disturbed elements served US presidents burned
In hell as they yearn ominous spit apocalypse
Consciousness honest as alcoholics anonymous
Dominate the populace politics conquer metropolis
Hip hop is poposterous I'm taking hostages
Foreign identity bomb the sworn enemy
Bourne supremacy spawned from forms of weaponry
Strong mentally stamina prolong my legacy
The damager wrong for testing me let off recklessly

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