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Twin Perils - Surgical Strike

[Verse 1: June Marx]
Twin perils, captivate forces divine
Author a rhyme that will alter the courses of time
Flawless design planetary orbit aligned
Sublime sound interjected into the thoughts of the blind
What was lost you'll find if you search within
Dispersing verbal whirlwind with verses grim
Stronger than the urge to sin
Undeniably faceless
Do the science embrace it colliding with greatness
This is general marx speaking
Federal dark precinct creep several parts leaking it's God's legion
I swing a battle axe with forbidden paragraphs
Spread acidic audio in a massive blast
Feel the brain transform to a sandstorm
To be the canvas that I splatter grey matter on
Further I write debut with a murderous mic
Lurk in the night militant planned surgcal strike

[Verse 2: Lone Ninja]
In less than two seconds, I'll wreck your precious lieutenant
It's stupendous I guess it's getting too hectic
Your crew's reckless I'm a show them the business
A cruel menace I'm atrocious and vicious
You acting so surprized I bash smash and pulverize
Foes can try but can't distract a focused mind
Stranded, immobilized your posses' shook
Get karate hooked and mushed in the donnybrook
You say you're not forsaken I'm employed in secret agent occupation
Destroy then siege your base of operations
Disgrace your congregation you cat's is probably violent
I flash the shotty, brash like kamakazi pilots
I'm the worst, shoot at you first you're doomed and ya cursed
Get hurt and bruised on your turf intruder alert
Get removed from the earth you more pussy than skeezers and hookers twats
Sweeter than sugar drops you bleeding in a butcher shop

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