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Twin Perils - Unauthorized

[Lone Ninja:]
Why ask for clearance when I can bypass surveilance
The knives stab I'm the diguised masked assailant
It's your last appearance, time bite the dust I'm
Fighting rough precise when I strike and thrust
Defy my trust and pay the ultimate price
Choking you tight I raid slay and assault with delight
The covert operative prowls observe apocalypse now
I'm the worse the squabble with on my word I'm rotten and foul
I'm versed in marvelous style, a commander in chief
Ya stamina weak you sweet I will damage your fleet
You panic and shriek this could be a code red
A savage and beast just push me over the edge
We're crawling through the air ducts, ya'll couldn't hear us
Disappear from clutch, quick on the draw like the sheriff
Slicker than sleight of hand reverse matrix
I'm so vicious my rivals grab the first aid kit
Can't survive it's harsh get hit with tranquilizer darts
In a glance I'll infiltrate ya camp and surprise your guards
Get sliced apart you've acquired bad karma
I'm in iron-clad armor and I'm nice with krav maga
Pass the glass of vodka, I'm smashing for my badge of honor
Cats is goners, I'm outta grasp of crabs and lobsters
I'm fleeing from bondage, I'm free from the shackles
I creep on the drawbridge that leads to the castle

[June marx:]
I came in armor blazing, subterranean
Infiltration, global warfare invasion
Dark millenium pacing, the fate of all
Marx oblivion agent, I came for war
Unauthorized spoke grim broke in
Like the cold winds or a black holes opening
I spoke within the righteous tone, improvised
Explosive device on microphones, the mind is blown
By devastating images spit like burnt baghdad
Villages intruder alert in the premises
My purpose significant, unworthy serpents murked
Envisioning murderous instruments, I surface with missile tips
That strike geographic, the mic lethal acid
I write cerebral madness, medieval axes
By raising the weapons born from illegal tactics
Evading deception from these deceitful bastards
I speak a passage my brain module like slave
Gospels slain apostles, decaying fossils
The rage hostile lost inside offered lives
Stronger minds reconnaissance flow unauthorized

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