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Twin Perils - Zatoichi

[Lone Ninja:]
I tighten the darts more and more, I strike in the dark corridors
The fighting will start rip titans apart war is war
Slash and sever the long axe is menacing
It's wrath and terror we combat veterans
Ya'll back pedaling, we forward march
Harm and crack skeletons, you're in water with sharks
Mourn as we spell your doom we wasn't born
With a silver spoon you do us wrong and we'll seal
Your tomb, feel the gloom as you wander the maze
Demolish and slay tommorrow isn't promised today
Give honor and praise, I'm blindfold with katana blade
Die slow, with eyes closed I will clobber prey
Rob your grave, maraud and plunder
Conquer and raid, cuase shock and awe and wonder
We're roaring thunder, who applaud our elders
Head towards the bunkers or the fallout shelters
Plot and get blown to smithereens, we chopping we chopping your dome
With guillotine spill the beans, June Marx and Lone's the illest team
Fullfilling dreams or your squad is dying
Sparks is flying, the chilling screams are horrifying
Got the heart of a lion and the eye of an eagle
I'm the largest of giants I'll get violent and evil
You silent and peaceful, don't wage in battle
I'm brolic and lethal, go pray in the chapel

[June marx:]
Make plans I radiate scans throw on your raybans
Mind steady learning emerging straight out the wasteland
Shake hands on paid deficits slay effortless
Hunger made us constantly suffer became predators
Weaponless war terrorist raw battlin monstrous
Smuggle ammo within the shadow of the colossus
Cosmic waves buried deep in the caves, a lethal rage
Breathe deep release secrets with age indecent blades
Darts flying spark iron we clash the dark alliance
Spar tyrants raw words surpassing art and science
Horrifyin sound weapons blowing flesh opens
In a direction flowing like victims is breaststroking
Neck broken thrown in various ways deep in the summit
Seas of bodily fluids spray leaking from stomach
Preachers summon spells ward off hordes of demonic forces
Twin perils desecrating multi symbolic crosses
Losses taken june orchestrate doom with facial wounds
Catch me in the break room burning haze exhaling fumes
Mixtape biohazardous waste the rhyme unravel
Monumental statue I stab you with flying shrapnel
Pteoradactyl wingspan bring man to bended knee
Withstand earth fire and wind with weaponry yo

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