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Twiztid - Who Am I?

What would it take for you to believe, in me
And what would it be like, if you were living, all your dreams
Why would you care if I, told you to live, but others want you to die

Who am I, to tell you something that you already know
Who am I, to tell you to hold on when you wanna let go
Who am I, I'm just a sicko with a song in my head
And it keeps playing again, and again, and again, and again

How would it sound, if I told you to leave, me
How would it feel, if I gave it all up, to be free
I just don't like to be here, a situation where you listen to me


[Monoxide & Madrox:]
Man, I'm so high, I forget the words to my favorite song
I've been smoking so long, what are you waiting for, just sing along
Why you looking at me?! I'm just like you, singing my favorite song
Well, What you want it to be? Don't let me break you off, sing along

What would it be like, if we were all, you need
A chance to change your life, while taking a break, from your reality
Why would you dare to try
When you become so comfortable with your life

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