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Tzu - Axis Tilt

[Chorus: Joelistics]
The city is on acid
The city is on... fiyaah!
The city is on acid... fiyaah!

Paint a picture with language and memory
Beaten into shape with the rhythm and melody
My performance more like therapy
Translate poetry to punishable heresy
And so you know it, cliche's the enemy
Freestyle skill level more like telepathy
Word play grey matter designed for damaging
Down for chaos, getting up to anarchy
And I'm managing, heart beat galloping
And I'm actually gravity's mannequin
And I'm back again, there in the front
Tryna make sense but sense don't come
It don't matter, tonight I'm brave
My behaviour strange and depraved
I stay awake for days on end
With an MPC and a mic and a pen
I got a problem with space, there's lots of it
In the city, I can't get enough of it
I like the touch of it, infinite rush of it
In life, we stand on the cusp of it
In death, we dress in the best of it
That's the promise that we keep when we borrow from it
It takes a body and a heart to stay solid
You got a heart, tell me what you get from it


[Seed MC:]
City got reception, cross interference
Speed through tunnels, rap feel got the clearance
Slack on the beat like smack on the dealers
Watch the beat drop, street got heat
Not one of them on me, fear not, I'm fearless
You can fake fantasy but can't fake the realness
Cause the dumpsters got the landfill in it
And the waste of the city, some stealing it
And these words are a back alley deal and it
Ain't that hard for you to tell who's feeling it
Cause mama got a gun and she's holding it
Hip Hop interrogator still not solving it
Dropout demonstrator, finger on the pulse
Can't ever take the heart or the soul from it
Drunk, sober, the night ticks over
As the rays of the sun draw closer
Shed light on the ugliness running this
In a cipher outside the pub and shit
Magic, ignite like matchstick
Still pumping out smoke with the factories
Plug into the feed, now fantasy
No game, now to play all reality
No switch for you to go and rerecord it
Move foreword, the future calls
And all four walls are like Mediatronic
Snow crash the brain, no trees for the forest
The streets in chaos, are the demons upon us?
Or are we the beings who be bringing on the ruckus?

Language is a virus that breeds in the silence
Feeds on the minds of people who devised it
Books and the poems and the slang that designed it
Reality defined by the words we assign it
We gave a name to the apple and the diamond
Dive in the depth in the realm of Poseidon
Speak with a breath that ring like the horizon
Meaning has a melody that rings like a siren
Sings like a siren, spins like a DJ
Playing for the players in the Arkham Asylum
Now hit the replay and analyse timing
And look what I made harnessing lightning
To battle the right-wing and travel the day
See what the night bring, get out of the way

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