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Tzu - Mondays

Alarm bells and ringing and I'm up and out of bed
Coffee's in the pot, it's on the go, it's on the boil
Six in the morning and I'm jumping on the train and
Once again it's Groundhog Day
And I catch a glimpse of the man I am
My life did go according to plan
I went to high school, university and then a steady job
Two kids and a divorce I got burnt from
I pay my tax like everyone else
And I can't relax like anyone else
And I can't believe that it's coming around
So I brace myself for a nervous break down
Quick step, I ain't got time to think
More stress every single time I blink
The nine to five lullaby worldwide
Day to day grind got me asking if there's more to life, c'mon

Wake up on Mondays, uh oh
Making my coffee, uh oh
Day's fall like dominoes
That's just what I know
All I need to know, uh oh

[Seed MC:]
All I need to know
Lunch break coming and I need a pickup
I got nothing but some emptiness inside of my gut
I got rubbing eyes crazily, I'm vaguely lost
I've got automatic pilot on the albatross
When you take a good look and see it piling up
An order will be executed by the robots
Cause they running the show, yeah they calling the shots
And every Monday morning we just want to call it all off
But even in the thick of it different trials are lost
In a court that we thought would never suffer a loss
I'm taking a long walk, no I ain't taking a bus
I need a minute to configure or I'm gonna combust, so wake up


We walk into the walls like ghosts that haunt the night
Almost dead before we die
And this ain't no kind of lie
Takes more than all of these long days to make me face up
To the fact that nothing changes
What is this that keeps me running?
What is this that keeps me running?
What is this that keeps me running?

Newspapers talking bout war in the Middle East
I don't see it so I leave it to the war chiefs
Murder one gunman in the city streets
I don't feel it cause it's just another news brief
To get my wage I've lost lots of days
I've locked up my rage for the money that I'm paid
And my attitude is do what you need
But what will it mean next century?
And I'm daydreaming that today will be my last day
I'll either leave or throw grenades in my work place
And would I even know if the world explodes?
I'm a quit my job, pack my bags and go

[Chorus x2]

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