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U-God - Universal Law

Hand you faggots, flamible, damage you, dammit
This is massive, animal planet
Frantic poise, noise in the attic, boys all over the Atlantic
Spilling gigantic jet fuels
Smoke the Ari' appary, and I sip on a Red Bull
Trying to keep my head cool, dead pool, tired dreadful
Shred you with lead, j'e vous celeb
That's how I'm bred, ten points on the spreads
It's like Duel of the Iron, do moves like the Mayans do
Dough rhyme supplying, coke lines got 'em frying
Both sides bonafied, sly like Stallone
Smoking my bones, smell my cologne
Chokers thrown in the turnstyle, I burn pounds of ashes
Good God it's playing wild, Robert Cavale glasses
Psycho mental, played the South Central, wrestled in the gravel
Russian roulette, how many times can you spin the barrel?
The cannon'll break you, you owe me a check stub
Hard body embrace love, you wettin' my taste buds
It's battle rap, bing quarters in them Cadillacs
Imagine that, yo, my name on the marquee
Car keys, slammin' like Barkley
Every part of me wanna crush 'em, crush 'em and hurt 'em
Terrorist turban, I'm straight urban, straight burbon
More determined than them German Gustavo, live at the brothel
Hostile environment, pull out the iron
Played them online again, popped more vitamins
Mighty men G, invite 'em and please
Killa Bee trilogy with the ability to move like the millipede
Iller seed, iller breed, on the avenue
Willaby with the millime', hope ya'll feeling me
Soultry, sipping the O.E., an old G
Boldy go where no man's gone before me

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