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Unity Klan - Celebrate

[Big J]
My Chirst was slain, so I'll never forget
Never quit never forfeit my benefit
Makin it a permit desicion for my flesh to submit
When you got 5 I got the whole kingdom on it
You can bet on it Im gonna celebrate
Worship him right through pearly gates
No matter what you or they have to say
you cant stop the UK for praisin all through the day
What yall think we was just gonna sit on Christ
Keep him hush hush and live our life
A personal encounter changed my life
so I have to give praise to the Prince of Life
Yo hands up put em up yo never give up
We came wit the anointin to get my stuff
We kings of the house we celebrate out
Gideon through the nation yall a victory shout

Hear the celebration roar throughout the kingdom
my shackles broken so we got the freedom
its that time from jubilee 50 sabactically
all hail Isreal lion on Zion reigns
generates the light from my eye
call down the fire like Elijah from the sky
And celebrate let the praise penetrate the gate
we came to rejoice halleluiah, one voice
praise the one that rides above the clouds and the sun
march around the wall seven times Jerusalem
when its all said and done, tell me who's I
So I hoped you learned your lesson
And confession with the Son

[Big J and Jaz]
I see Joseph in jail with adoration on his lips
sold as a slave to the nation of Egypt
equipt with celebration in the bottom of his soul
holdin on to patience his dreams soon unfold
and when it unfolds behold promotion comes
even when you grow up in the bottom of the slump
God gives and takes but through it all we celebrate
It brings you back to an old story of faith

Like Abraham he still God's friend
Adam and Eve before time began
David was his next of kin
God golry shown through Solomon
His grace and mercy we cant comprehend
My praises they will never bend

[Big J]
Like Daniel and the lion's den
Im going to keep on pressin in
No matter where a brothers been
Yo through his his blood I have been cleansed
Im a soldier ready to fight
Keep my spirit in Christ real tight
One day, soon we take fight
Celebrate in worship all through the night

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