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Unity Klan - Enemy's Camp

I went to the enemy's camp
And I, took back what he stole from me

Stand at attention, time to fight the battle for the Lord
Destination enemy's camp, takin it back by the sword
My reward, to be free from misery to see victory
Defeatin the enemy wit my armory
[Shalom] How is your destiny
[Shalom] We got the victory
See the victory is mine and the military is prime
You get checked wit don't mess wit the divine life I shine
You find that the gates of hell won't prevail
You fail, all your wicked schemes gettin nailed
I'm sick of all your names, I'm sick of the games you play
You hear this you fear this, spiritual warfare I pray
One day, Jesus comes soon and you're doomed
Revalations, manistation, tribulations of your tomb
You read it in the word, your kingdom is gonna fall
We're goin down to the enemy's camp and we're gonna take it all


Souljahs at war, ready for battle to come in and knock on the devils door
Any enemy in our way is bound to fall pray to my savior, judgment day
Any way, it's spiritual warfare so always be ready, and keep the sword steady
Fight back, take it back, pray it back, [welcome to the enemy's camp]
Take the message to school, to job, to turn don't except no defeat, [Satan's under our feet]
Take it to your freinds, your family, your neighbors, except no defeat, [Satan's under our feet]
Take your home, your money, your visions, your dreams, except no defeat, [Satan's under our feet]
Be bold, take care of plenty he stole, He's the light in the hell's fire, are you ready, let's go


No matter clock on south wit a shout
Straw horse get's broke like Jericho's no doubt
Like the homie's rider cliq I'm surround, ready to clown
Punks bout to sell out from a different side of town
Couldnt hang out wit the King, steppin in the ring wit the redeemed
Its all the same team, G O D Jesus Christ and the Spirit Unity the family
That's comin strong, comin hard takin back what the devil done stole
To the ghetto, that's where I go
Nobody can stop me, pull me, drag me
Wanna hit me wit a stick but I still won't quit
Forever pack the holy scripts in the grip
Now let me get the annointin, G O D flows like a river
Can you deliever, make em all flee, can't you see
The enemy tryin to creep, but you got the victory from the blood of calvary
Now who are we


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