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360° (feat. E-40, Rappin 4-Tay, Spice-1)
All 4 Nuthin'
All on Me
Allergic (feat. Bun B & Killer Mike)
Ball and Bun (feat. Bun-B of UGK)
Bounce Wit Me
Bread & Butter (feat. Cheeto Gambine, Kinfolk Thugs, GK, TMack & Gangsta Boo)
Bytch Like U
Can't Stop (feat. Mjg, Too $Hort)
Coffee Shoppe (feat. Redman)
Daddy (feat. MJG)
Do What a Playa Do (feat. Andre Rison)
Do You Really (feat. MJG)
Don't 4get (feat. Dorasel, Thorough)
Down and Out
Drama in My Life (feat. Psycho Drama)
Em Down (feat. 2 Chainz & Yung Joc)
Gangsta Niggaz (feat. T.I. and Lil Flip)
Get Money (feat. Busta Ryhmes)
Holla Back (feat. Carl Thomas)
I Don't Wanna Die
If I Die
Immaculate Perception (feat. Waka Flocka & Yelawolf)
Jumpin' Up (feat. B-Hav & 2Deep)
Let's Ride (feat. MJG)
Like Dat'
Live This
My First Love
My Homeboy's Grilfriend
No Pain (feat. Don Trip)
No Sellout (feat. Koncrete)
Pure Uncut (feat. Master P, Mystikal, Psycho Drama, Silkk the Shocke)
Pure Uncut Remix (feat. Canibus, DMX, McGruff)
Put Tha House on It
Put That On Everythang (feat. Styles P, Trae Tha Truth & Ebony Love)
Put Your Hands Up (feat. MJG)
Showed Up (feat. MJG)
Slab Rider
Soap Box (feat. Demun Jones Of Rehab & Matt Mages Of Arvada)
Starships And Rockets (feat. Randy)
Stompin' and Pimpin' (feat. MJG)
Stop Playin' Games (feat. P. Diddy)
Stop Playin' Games (Remix) (feat. Jadakiss)
The Artist Pays The Price
The Man Under The Bridge (feat. Elliot Ives Of Freesol)
Washing Machine (feat. Slim Of 112)
What's The Rush
Witcha' Lookin Ass (feat. Ludacris)
You & Me & Her (feat. Ebony Love)

Совместные работы

8Ball & MJG - Baby Girl (feat. P. Diddy)
8Ball & MJG - Confessions (feat. Poo Bear)
8Ball & MJG - Don't Make
8Ball & MJG - Forever (feat. Lloyd)
8Ball & MJG - Hands In The Air
8Ball & MJG - Living Legends (feat. P. Diddy)
8Ball & MJG - Look at the Grillz (feat. T.I., Twista)
8Ball & MJG - Shot Off (feat. Ludacris)
8Ball & MJG - Straight Cadillac Pimpin' (feat. Shannon Jones)
8Ball & MJG - Streets (feat. Bun B)
8Ball & MJG - You Don't Want Drama (feat. P. Diddy)
8ball And Devius - Er' Body Kno' Me
8ball And Devius - Ice Cream
8ball And Devius - M-Gangda Shit (Kno' Dat)
8ball And Devius - Street Dreams (feat. Montana Trax)
8ball And Mjg - Alcohol, Pussy & Weed
8ball And Mjg - Alwayz
8ball And Mjg - Baby Girl (feat. P. Diddy)
8ball And Mjg - Ballin' G's
8ball And Mjg - Boom Boom (feat. Swizz Beatz)
8ball And Mjg - Bring It Back (feat. Young Dro)
8ball And Mjg - Buck Bounce (feat. DJ Quik)
8ball And Mjg - Clap On (feat. Yung Joc)
8ball And Mjg - Collard Greens
8ball And Mjg - Confessions (feat. Poo Bear)
8ball And Mjg - Cruzin' (feat. Three 6 Mafia & Slim of 112)
8ball And Mjg - Don't Make
8ball And Mjg - For An Outfit
8ball And Mjg - Forever (feat. Lloyd)
8ball And Mjg - Friend or foe? (feat. E-40)
8ball And Mjg - Get Low
8ball And Mjg - Hands in the air
8ball And Mjg - Hickory Dickory Dock
8ball And Mjg - I Know U
8ball And Mjg - In the Middle of the Night (feat. Twista)
8ball And Mjg - In the Wind
8ball And Mjg - Intro
8ball And Mjg - It's All Real (feat. Billy Cook)
8ball And Mjg - Jankie
8ball And Mjg - Lay It Down 2
8ball And Mjg - Listen to Me Now
8ball And Mjg - Living Legends (Interlude)
8ball And Mjg - Look At The Grillz (feat. T.I., Twista)
8ball And Mjg - Mad Rapper (Interlude)
8ball And Mjg - Memphis City Blues

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