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Asia Cruise - Avoiding Mirrors
Asia Cruise - Back From Alone
Asia Cruise - Boyfriend
Asia Cruise - Come On
Asia Cruise - Long Distance Relationship
Asia Cruise - Love Myself
Asia Cruise - No Thanks To You
Asia Cruise - Rewind (feat. Fabolous)
Asia Cruise - Roller Coaster
Asia Cruise - Secret
Asia Cruise - Selfish
Asia Cruise - Selfish Remix (feat. Huey)
Asia Cruise - Step Step
Asia Cruise - Tears
Asia Cruise - Ultimatum
Asia Cruise - Walk Me Out
Asia Cruise - What's Your Name
Asia Cruise - Worry Bout Me
Asia Cruise - Your Swagger (feat. T-Pain & Young Jock)
Asia Lynn - Bite My Swag
Asia Lynn - Boyfriend In The Trap
Asia Lynn - F1lthy Girl (feat. Sneakkkkkk!)
Asia Lynn - Pretty Girls Jerk Too
Bahamadia - Special Forces (feat. Planet Asia, Rasco, Chops & DJ Revolution)
Beanie Sigel - Lord Have Mercy (feat. Ashley, Asia)
Bhad Bhabie - Hi Bich (Remix) (feat. MadeinTYO, Asian Doll, Rich The Kid & YBN Nahmir)
Dilated Peoples - Ear Drums Pop (Remix) (feat. Defari, Phil Da Agony, Planet Asia, Everlast)
Dj Screw - I'm Gonna Miss You Screw (feat. Ronnie Spencer, Miss Asiah)
Grand Agent - Its Only Right (Rap Niggaz 2) (feat. Planet Asia)
Huey - Luv N Ya Life (feat. Asia Cruise)
Inspectah Deck - Serious Rappin' (feat. Termanology & Planet Asia)
Mystic - W (feat. Planet Asia)
Opio - The Grassy Knoll (feat. Planet Asia)
Peanut Butter Wolf - Definition Of Ill Remix (feat. Planet Asia)
Peanut Butter Wolf - In Your Area (feat. Planet Asia)
Pegz - Diligent Music (feat. net Asia and Vents)
Planet Asia - 16 Bars Of Death
Planet Asia - As Long As I'm Alive
Planet Asia - Bringin It Back (feat. 427)
Planet Asia - Cali Breeze
Planet Asia - Callin The Shots
Planet Asia - Don't Let Up (feat. Talib Kweli)
Planet Asia - Freestyle Interlude
Planet Asia - Handlin Business
Planet Asia - Holdin' The Crown
Planet Asia - It's All Big
Planet Asia - It's On'
Planet Asia - Kalidascope
Planet Asia - On The Corner (Part 1)
Planet Asia - Paper Up (Hustler's Theme)
Planet Asia - Place of Birth
Planet Asia - Pure Coke (feat. Martin Luther)
Planet Asia - Real Niggaz (feat. Ghostface Killah)
Planet Asia - Schoolyard Riders (feat. Obi 1, Phoof, Qubic, Shake)
Planet Asia - The Professional
Planet Asia - Upside Down (feat. Goapele)
Planet Asia - Weight
Punchline - Da Cipha Interlude (feat. Cobra Red, Planet Asia, Guilty & Phil Da Agony)
Rasco - Blood Brothaz (feat. Planet Asia)
Rasco - How Many X's (feat. Planet Asia)
Rasco - Take It Back Home (feat. Planet Asia)
Strong Arm Steady - Back On Up (feat. Planet Asia)
Sway & King Tech - The Anthem #7 (feat. Black Spooks, Planet Asia, Ahmad, Ras Kass...)
Sway & King Tech - Underground Tactics (feat. Heltah Skeltah, Crooked Eye, Planet Asia)
Swollen Members - Total Package (feat. Planet Asia & DJ Revolution)
Talib Kweli - Drugs, Basketball & Rap (feat. Phil Da Agony, Planet Asia)
Zion I - Critical (feat. Planet Asia)
Zion I - Critical (Madlib Remix) (feat. Planet Asia)

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